Writers Work Review 2022 – Failed Job Marketplace?

Updated: February 22, 2022
by Ray Alexander

If you’ve been looking for a Writers Work review and wonder if this can give you a good freelance job opportunity, or this is another online job scam… Well, I can tell you this is how it appears now - a failed job marketplace. You can see some genuine intent from the homepage content and you may also find the help pages pretty comprehensive. Unfortunately, there are too many obstacles in the way of the services being successful. The site has barely been updated for some time, and the social network accounts have also been inactive for a while. Are you considering becoming a freelancer and getting paid for writing? Then why do you need a service like Writers.Work?

Writers Work Review

Product Name:


Website URL:



Writing job tools and marketplace


Writers Work LLC (Jennifer and Mark Harrell)


$15 per month or $47 one-time


What Is Writers Work?

Writers.work claims itself to be an all-in-one platform for launching a writing job. The service includes writing tools, some career training videos, and access to its in-house job finder.

The domain https://writers.work was registered in 2017, and the service was launched in June 2018. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to last long. Judging by the last updates on Facebook and Instagram both of which were posted in June 2019, it appears that the business gave up promoting itself around that time.

The service is still open to new users. Blog posts have also been published on the site from time to time, which suggests that the owner is still maintaining this website.

So would you still join Writers Work? Personally, I wouldn’t…as I think I can find more reasons to not join than to join. Here are some of the red flags that you can spot.

Writers Work Review - Failed Job Marketplace?

Ugly Complaints!

First and foremost, BBB (Better Business Bureau) has given an F rating after receiving numerous complaints against Writers Work. The complaints are mostly about misleading advertising issues and Writers Work’s refusal to make full refunds to its customers as promised by the refund policy. 

It’s been rated F because of the failures to respond to the complaints in time, and for failures to respond at all. 

Better Business Bureau Complaints

This makes Writers Work so bad, doesn’t it? People file complaints with BBB or any other watchdog body as the last resort - they come to BBB because they’ve already contacted support and couldn’t resolve the issue. Writers Work received a number of complaints from BBB but doesn’t even bother to attempt damage control.

Misleading Refund Policy

So the majority of the complaints that BBB has received are refund-related. That’s because the refund policy isn’t clear. On the homepage, it simply offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. But the terms & conditions note states that the guarantee only applies to the membership fees. It says, “all other purchases are non-refundable and are considered final.” This means that the refund guarantee does not apply to the various upsells with up to a few hundred dollars, including courses and extra advertising fees, which are only available to paid members. 

Misleading Refund Policy

For whatever reason, those people once put trust in Writers Work and bought a membership. This owner abuses the trust of the members by selling extra, making it to be sneakily non-refundable. 

If a product is non-refundable, a warning should be clearly displayed before users proceed to the purchase screen, and the reason should also be clearly stated there. 

Owner’s Information Is Hidden

Perhaps the biggest reason not to trust Writers Work is a complete lack of background information - its owner, and its history. The Help Center section looks like it’s been co-created by several people, but only their first names and small unidentifiable photographs are displayed. They could all be made up. Nothing’s shown on any of the legal pages (terms, privacy policy) either. You wouldn’t want to make a payment to anyone with a hidden identity, would you?

So Who Really Owns Writers.Work?

CorporationWiki reveals that Writers Work LLC is based in Austin, Texas, Jennifer and Mark Harrell are listed as the proprietors. These two are said to have owned very similar online job membership sites, such as MyWritingJob.com, MasterWritingJobs.com, Surveys4Checks.com in the past. They’re either no longer exist or no longer open to new users. You know what, instead of giving version upgrades to one writing job site, they choose to scrap it only to come up with a new writing job site. And they’ve been doing it incognito. All this suggests that their services keep failing because they’re not even trying to help users with genuine intent. Unfortunately.

Writing and Project Management Tools

Writers Work Edit Tool

Writers Work provides some tools such as a grammar checker, a tool to track your word counts and writing stats, a tool to track tasks, time, due date, etc. 

It may all sound good to you, but if you think about it, there are already millions of experienced writers in this world, and there are already a few word processing tools that are loved by millions of writers; Microsoft Word is one. Google Docs is another one. In fact, Microsoft Office is an all-rounder management tool. If you want to make no grammatical mistakes, Grammarly is available for free.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

So why would you need Writers.Work? I can’t find the reason. Writers.Work doesn’t explain what makes its tools stand out from the crowd, either. Unfortunately.

Help Center Isn’t So Helpful

This is pretty subjective, right? I don’t particularly find the “Help Center” helpful but full of common sense and not very straight-to-the-point. 

For example, “What rates should I charge as a freelancer?” The answer is, it all depends on your experience and depends on types of writing, so you should consider what rates you’re willing to work for. 

That’s not even advice. If it was, I could advise you how much you could earn as an astronaut; it depends on your experience and depends on what kind of astronaut you want to become. So I would advise you to decide how much you want to earn. Essentially, that's what it says!

What rates should I charge as a freelancer

Another example is, is Writers Work suitable for new writers or experienced writers? The answer is, suitable for both because we have a state-of-the-art document editor. It doesn’t really make sense, does it? Not to me, anyway. A good writing tool makes it easy to create, edit, and save documents for sure. But it doesn’t explain what makes Writers Work’s document editor different from other already proven to be popular editors. 

Perhaps if you are totally new and never thought about writing anything online until yesterday, you may learn what it’s going to be like by reading the documents in the Help Center. But if so, I’d rather suggest that you read “how to write and monetize” blog articles elsewhere to build more knowledge first. 

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Forever ½ Price Sale

Writers Work 50 Percent Off

Writers Work is offered for $15 per month, or for a one-time fee of $94. But “if you buy it now”, an early-bird discount of 50% off is applied and you can get it for $47.

…It’s been reported that the same discount has always been applied since the launch back in 2018.

You know, I don’t really want to single out Writers Work because I’ve seen many other digital product sellers offer “early-bird” special discounts for an indefinite period. But it doesn’t mean it’s not wrong. It means the seller is overstating the value of the product/service, it is wrong and deceptive indeed.

Is Writers Work Legit or a Scam?

No, I wouldn’t call it a scam. Because we can see the owner's initial intention to help writers find gigs to make money. It’s owned by a limited liability company (Writers Work LLC), so at least we know who the owners behind it are. You get what you pay for - this is a low-cost product that turned out to be inferior and received a lot of complaints from users. 

Writers Work Pros and Cons


  • Low cost.


  • Owner's hidden.
  • Disapproved by BBB due to too many complaints.
  • Upsells are non refundable.
  • Support via social media stopped as of June 2019.

Writers Work Review - Conclusion:

An “all-in-one platform” for launching a writing career…it may sound like a useful service to you. But if you look at the reality, you know millions of writers in the world already thrive to make money using their skills. And you know that one product that merely costs $47 won’t give you a shortcut to success. Furthermore, Writers Work has such a bad reputation after receiving so many complaints. It's unlikely that anyone would want to post a job vacancy on this site.

Build Up Your Portfolio

In case you haven’t noticed… We welcome guest posts to publish on this site throughout the year. And we do receive a lot of requests from self-proclaimed writers every few days or so, if not daily. Unfortunately, we’re having to ignore many of the requests, because they’re just Gmail users who have no previous writing experience to prove.

You'll need to establish your portfolio first if you don't have experience writing professionally.

Advertising yourself on Fiverr is one way - start by charging customers $5 for writing short content for them, then gradually increase your charge as your reputation grows.

 Starting your own blog is another way. Your quality content as well as your unique writing style will become a portfolio to prove. This will further develop your career. You can either sell your skills to others or start making money using a niche affiliate marketing method on your own blog. If you’re seriously interested in building a writing career, join me from the link below for free. See if this is something you really want to do. Any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Good luck!

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  1. Hi Ray, thank you for the interesting review. I agree with you 100% about the tools. You can easily get word processing documents and a grammar checker tool for free. If you are a writer already, you should already know this kind of thing. If you are not a writer, then I think there are much more important things to do, like practising and asking for feedback from professionals and correcting bad habits. But there is no help with this service. Then I don’t think a service like Writers Work will help you so much.

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