What Is Dealspotr?

Updated: February 5, 2017
by Ray Alexander

If you regularly search for discount coupons and latest promos, Dealspotr is fairly new and pretty unique, it may be worth checking out. Not just to visit the site before you shop, but you participate in the club to share your interests and tell others about promotional discounts that you've found. And as you do - you guessed it right - you get some points. Earn enough points in exchange for a gift card. Does that sound good?

What Is Dealspotr?

Dealspotr Overview

So this is what Dealspotr offers and what you can do when you join. Pretty straight-forward. Joining is free of course, and it doesn't take you a minute - either connect with your Facebook account, or sign up using your email address.

  1. Dealspotr has over 30,000 members who are free to add deals and coupons for any products for any stores in the world - currently over 60,000 retailers. Each day 10,000 new deals are added and 100,000 deals are edited, e.g. promotional offer period extended, corrected, etc.
  2. These deals are real - each one is checked and validated by the admin, and the member who's made an addition is given an "accuracy score".
  3. ​Each day, you'll get a personal feed containing the deals you might be interested, or community members or influencers who you want to follow. You can turn on or off notifications for specific brands, interests or people you follow.
  4. You'll receive points every time you add a promotional deal, amend a deal and validate it.
  5. You can be listed in the Leaderboard as one of the top contributors. That's based on the number of your followers, number of "like" votes on the deals you've introduced, and how much you have saved overall. 
  6. You'll be given a daily checklist of "tasks to complete" to receive extra points. Tasks include posting specific types of deals, customising your feed and sharing deals.

US Deals

Dealspotr is targeting worldwide, but the deals listed are predominantly added by, and for the benefit of US​ shoppers. Those who live outside the US are free to add discount deals in different currencies, but may need to boldly clarify (e.g. Australian $). If a retailer's not listed, you can add it from scratch by downloading the logo and uploading it to Dealspotr.

Dealspotr Find Store

I live in the UK and find it a hit-and-miss. I find Starbucks, McDonald's and Subway but they are all US deals. "How about Nando's? How about GBK?" Nando's restaurant chain is insanely popular throughout the UK but it's not listed. Neither is GBK. But then UK is a small country and the fans here can choose to have their phone app respectively, they probably don't need to rely on Dealspotr. That's what I assume anyway. But any listings for web-based services or cloud based apps and software are useful worldwide for sure.

Discover Deals

Finding deals is easy. You can either find a store from the A-Z list, search by category or simply type in the keyword such as "iPad", "gifts for mom" etc.

Dealspotr Top Interests
Dealspotr Fashion Home Kitchen

Top categories (interests) include: Electronics & Tech, Fitness & Sports, Restaurants & Eating Out, Fashion, Home, Babies & Kids, Grocery & Drugstore, Travel, Beauty & Cosmetics, Health & Wellness, Gifts & Gift Ideas... Basically it covers all, doesn't it.

I find some small errors here & there though​. Such as this one on the right - cookery item from a kitchen utensil store is listed under "Fashion" category. I guess these errors are pointed out by other members and corrected by the Dealspotr admin.​

Adding And Validating Deals

Dealspotr Daily Checklist

Your "Daily Checklist" will motivate you to find promotional deals on your favourite store and post them on Dealspotr.

When posting a new deal, it will ask you whether it is a (a) promo code, (b) coupon, sale announcement or in-store printable, and if so whether it is a site-wide deal or not, or (c) deal on a specific product at a noteworthy price.

You need to provide a description quite carefully - the accuracy of your post will be checked by the Dealspotr staff and, you'll be given an "accuracy score". If the description turns out to be innacurate, you'll be given a "minus" score, and the total score falls below -20 you'll no longer be able to validate and post deals.

For example you should never say "Discount applies to all items"... That could imply it includes the delivery charge - seems obvious, but yeah! In most cases with any stores, a promo code cannot be used in conjunction with another discount deal that they're offering at the same time. So you really need to check their terms & conditions and state them in the description.

Influencer Network

If you are a lifestyle blogger, or have social media followers, you can join Dealspotr's "Influencer Network" - meet other influencers, earn double lifetime points, and enhanced referral program.

Redeem Points By Amazon Gift Card

​When you've collected 10,000 points, you are eligible to receive $10 Amazon.com gift card. This is quite achievable by posting deals, sharing deals on your social networks, leave comments on deals and referring others to become a Dealspotr member (see below).

Referral Points

Referring people to join Dealspotr is a great way to earn extra points. You earn 1,000-2,000 points each time you refer someone (it may change), and subsequently earn 10% of the points generated by all your referrals over the lifetime of their accounts.

And your referrals will receive an extra 5,000 points upon joining. That's an instant $5 worth of a gift voucher. You know what, I didn't get the extra points because I wasn't referred by anyone but simply Googled Dealspotr and joined... So try joining Dealspotr by accessing from the button below! So that you'll receive extra benefits and so will I! ? Once joined, you'll be given a special referral link. Make sure to use that to refer your friends & family.

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