ViralTek Review – The Best Social Posting App?

By Ray Alexander

We all know social media is a good source of free traffic, right? Each day, millions of online marketers and business owners post content with a link to their website, hoping to generate leads and sales. Social media marketing is essential, just cannot be underestimated. It would be easier if all your potential prospects were only on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But SNS users are spread across many networks. Today in my ViralTek review, I'll show you how this tool can help you find a wider range of audiences and promote your business quicker.

ViralTek Review

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Multiple social posting tool


Declan Mc, Marc Gray & Jay Venka

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October 2019




What Is ViralTek?

ViralTek is a social media marketing tool, but it does a better job than most of the other similar tools do; Firstly it comes with its own image editor. And secondly, unlike other social posting tools, it doesn't charge a monthly fee.

What's annoying about those other social posting tools is, the monthly premium fee that they charge while the free version limits the number of social accounts you can access. ViralTek offers only takes a one-off payment for lifetime access. And this cloud-based software enables you to post your content to 12 social media networks, plus a WordPress site of yours and 2 x ViralTek websites) at once. Your content can include text, hyperlink, and multiple images. The 12 networks are;









It can also post your content to (1) another WordPress site of yours, (2) ViralTek itself and (3) as well as the social networks all at the same time. If the content and the keyword is unique, these posts may be picked up by search engines respectively.

Meanwhile the image editor is simple enough, which is perfect for your social posts, with customizable color or image background. It allows you to add text or a selection of pre-loaded quotes, also to create a collage or post bulk images.

ViralTek Review

Who Will Be Benefitted Most?

Because ViralTek is extremely easy to navigate, any social user who regularly posts the same content across multiple networks will be benefitted from this tool. But especially online marketers, business owners, bloggers and affiliates who wish to drive traffic to their site or YouTube video can make the most of it. 

If you've already had an account with all 12 of these social networks and have been posting updates on each one manually, ViralTek will save you an enormous amount of time. If you have not had had an account with all of them, then it will be a good opportunity to grow your audience by signing up with them and starting to broadcast your updates now.

The Creators

Declan Mc, Marc Gray and Jay Venka

Declan Mc, Marc Gray and Jay Venka

ViralTek was created and sold by three digital marketing experts, Declan Mc, Marc Gray and Jay Venka. They have helped many online businesses and entrepreneurs solve their problems with innovative products over the past years. Some of the recent products including VidElite, The Big Five, Traffic Xtractor Ultimate, VidEngagr, Insta Vid, etc. ViralTek is their latest release focusing entirely on driving traffic by social posting.

How Does ViralTek Work?

#1 Connect To Your Social Networks

First you go to My Network section and connect each account to ViralTek. You can connect to multiple accounts on each network and, especially with Facebook you can connect to your account (your timeline) as well as to each of your fan pages. When you actually post your content, you just need to specify which account(s) or page(s) you want to post it to.

#2 Posting Content

Syndicate Content

Once all your social media accounts are connected, go to the Syndicate Content menu and create your post. Note that you can post a reasonably long description but Twitter only takes up to 280 characters, so if you want to post your content to Twitter at the same time, you need to consider the length of it. Otherwise you need to post the same content but a short version to Twitter at the same time.

The link can be shortened, and you can schedule the 'syndicate' posts.

#3 Image Editor

The ViralTek Image Editor, on the other hand, allows you to edit an image by adding text or a quote from the selection. Font can be fully customized. The original image can be uploaded from your hard drive, but you can also import a royalty-free image directly from Pixabay, or simply choose a color background. You can also change the image effect.

The finished image can be posted directly or can be saved on your hard drive.

Bulk Image Editor is unique; Firstly you import up to 100 short messages, slogans or quotes using a CSV file. Then choose a background from the selection. It will embed each image on the chosen background and create up to 100 message cards immediately. It's particularly useful for those who like to regularly post motivational/inspirational quotes on social media.

Create bulk images

Create bulk images

Whereas Collage Image Editor enables you to use up to 4 images and lay them out side by side or in a block. It's a good feature because when you post multiple images, not every viewer will scroll to check all the images. A collaged image can instantly tell them what you're posting about.

Help Videos

The modules are all self-explanatory and extremely easy to use, but if you are brand new to social posting, no need to worry because the following 16 x short video tutorials will take you through step by step. The tutorials include;

  • Connect WordPress Blog
  • Connect to Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / Pinterest / Imgur / Flickr / Blogger / LinkedIn
  • Diigo, Twitxr, Topviral and other networks
  • Image Editor Explained
  • Collage Images Feature Walkthrough
  • Content Posting Walkthrough and Details
  • Hashtags Module

Misconception and Income Provision

As you can see, ViralTek is a fabulous software that makes your social posting easy. Absolutely, I recommend it. But I'm really not impressed by the fact that other "reviewers" are sending out grossly misleading information, particularly unrealistic income provisions. I've seen some reviewers make wrong suggestions such as;

  • "ViralTek generates affiliate commissions daily without promoting products."
  • "It generates free leads every day."

These claims are simply not true. Yes, ViralTek can help you generates leads, hence improve the level of sales. But it's not a magical system, it's just a very useful social posting tool to save you a lot of time and effort. It has nothing to do with "affiliate commissions" unless YOU promote something in your syndicate post. It doesn't generate leads at all unless you have followers. 

I just want to be honest with you - don't get swayed by those hyped up promotions in the name of "review". If you buy ViralTek today and expect thousands of dollars coming into your pocket tomorrow, it's not going to happen, and you're going to ask for a refund, then it's the seller who will suffer unfair consequences.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you're still not happy with ViralTek, you are covered by 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact the seller (via your email receipt) and state the reason within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

ViralTek Pros and Cons


  • Navigation is easy and straightforward.
  • It save a lot of time.
  • Image editor is simple yet very useful.
  • Low cost, and NO monthly charge.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Don't believe the hype - no direct relation to your sales income provision.

ViralTek Review: Conclusion

If you think, "Instagram is missing", that's because Instagram notoriously makes any third-party posting apps extremely difficult to access, so it's normal Instagram is not included.

Other than that, ViralTek definitely makes your social posts easier and it does its jobs at best. You don't find multiple posting scheduler as many as 12 social networks + 3 websites for no monthly user fee elsewhere. Recommended.

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Do not trust anything for sale from Warrior+. Testimonials are fake. The sellers leave excellent reviews with each other. Pick 5 Worrior+ product sales pages and see who appears. They only say positive stuff so other users will believe it. Do not trust it.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes they do do that, and I agree with you. They sell their own products as well as others as an affiliate, and they may be genuinely recommending each other but from a regular buyer’s point of view obviously they don’t appear to be…!

  2. Too many people say you can make 5 figures if you use Viraltek. I was thinking why it can be true and I saw you point it out. I’m glad to know Viraltek is a social post software not make money online software.

    1. Hi Harry, thanks for your comment. That’s right, all the web tools for businesses are ultimately to make more sales anyway. Use of the words such as “5 figures” will only mislead users and lost trust for sure.

  3. Thanx for the review. I was using Instamate for a long time but it’s no longer working. I was looking for alternative social posting tools. This one looks good but shame Instagram is not included. Do you know any?
    Imgur is good. I started using it recently. I also like Ello but its not included in this one.
    The price is def. Affordable I might try Viral tek.

    1. Hi Imran, thanks for your comment. I agree with you about Imgur and Ello, they’re great and I wish they were included in ViralTek. Instamate is still working (on & off…hanging in there!) I’m using it. I also use Hootsuite. You need to change your Instagram account to a business one (you can change it with one click) and connect it to a Facebook page.

  4. It’s all hyped from my point of view. Just use Hootsuite or Buffer. Hootsuite lets you have 3 networks INCLUDING Instagram.

    1. Hi Matt, yes I do use Hootsuite to post my content to Instagram and Twitter. Still, ViralTek can post a lot more at the same time, it’s a lot more convenient in my opinion. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

  5. I just took a look at the sales page and found it misleading also. Just by sharing contents in many social media accounts you will not instantly receive 1000’s of traffic. If you did, you could manually share. It would not take you 1 hour to copy & paste the same message to 20 accounts. But I see your point about saving time. Personally I use LinkedIn and Pinterest a lot and this could make my life easier. Good review. Thanks.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. You’re absolutely right. As I also mentioned in my post, it’s a great multi-social posting tool in terms of time-saving. It doesn’t automatically give you a direct benefit to your business.

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