Start Blog, Make Money!

Updated: January 15, 2019
by Ray Alexander

Start blog, make money! If you prefer writing to speaking, if you're an introvert rather than an extrovert, if you want to share your opinions and passions with the world... I definitely recommend you to consider blogging and monetizing your writing skill.

I'm not shy around big crowds but I think before I talk - definitely find writing less exhausting comparing to speaking. Blogging space is where I can be brutally honest both to myself and to others. It keeps my sanity and it's where I don't have to nod to agree to anyone. I don't have a writer's skill, I'm not particularly good at English, but I'm doing it alright. Now this is my job that I'm proud of. You can do the same if you like to write.

Start Blog Make Money

Not Easy, Of Course Not.

Starting up is dead easy. You can get your website started in the next few minutes if you want. But you'll need to build it up, you're not going to make money so soon, but you will, believe me. Like anything else in the world, you need to learn the how-to's (the right how-to's) as you get along. But wait. I said in the beginning "if you prefer writing to speaking..."

Not For Everyone, Of Course Not.

Some people better at verbal communications than written communications. Face to face, over the phone, live chat such as Skype. Some people are ONLY good at communicating verbally. It doesn't necessarily means they're more suitable for vlogging on YouTube rather than writing blogs. Generally extroverts often feel easier to digest information by talking themselves out, even though they know the answer. They prefer two-way communications rather than one-way broadcasts such as blogging and vlogging

In my experience - in the past few years I've had a dozen of people whom I communicated with on Skype and talked them through with how to start blog to make money, because they requested so. They insisted they wouldn't understand text manuals or trainings, but they wanted me to show them step-by-step via webcam. None of them made it to publish more than a few blog posts. It might tell you something; if you don't like reading, you're unlikely to continue writing.

Your Website As A Business Status

Website As A Business Status

Firstly if you want to make money online, you need to make your business known. The most convincing, credible way is to have your own website.

A website is like a business card. You know, your social media connections often ask you what you do for living. Or if you are an internet marketer, they often ask you what you promote. They may be asking you only to break the ice, or they're just trying to sell you this "amazing investment opportunity; cryptocurrency" (they never bother to check your profile)... Anyway when they genuinely wish to find out about what you do, you'll give your website URL, and that will explain all about your business. 

A website is essential for entrepreneurs from a brand awareness point of view. You get asked what your website is, and if your answer is "Ehh... I don't have one at the moment", your business will show less credibility without one.

Why Blogging?

If you like writing, there's a reason why I thing blogging is suitable for you as a way of making money. People who own a successful business have no choice but to own a website, whether they like writing or not. If they don't like writing, they have no choice but to employ content writers to publish blog contents frequently. Because successful websites have no choice but to publish blogs. (Huh?) 

In other words, because there are many advantages in publishing blog contents often, rather than just owning a website that contains a few pages of introductions. I'll explain why.

Compete With Big Businesses

Blogs support businesses in great deal. People start blogging in order to build an online business, whereas business owners rely on blogs to grow.

HubSpot's 2018 marketing statistics say, 55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. (Source:

So this is the first, greatest reason for "Start Blog, Make Money". Because individual business hopefuls are able to run on the same track with already-established companies - by blogging. It means individuals can compete with big businesses, not in the executive office environment, but from home.

Let Audience Know You're Alive and Kicking

Alive and Kicking

Have you ever felt disappointed when you were trying to find out about a brand, business...or 1980's pop star (!), but found very little information in their website? Just a contact information, a few products for sale and a random selection of photos in the "gallery" section?

No blogging, no news updates is like showing no activity's going on with your business. Will visitors come back to check your site again in a month time? Very unlikely. Blogging tells visitors that your business is active and what you're up to right now.

Also HubSpot's statistics that I mentioned earlier say, companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got 3.5 times more visitors than companies that published up to only 4 blog posts per month. So you see how important to update your website as frequently as 4 times per week by publishing new content. It's all about continuous engagement!

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking = More Traffic

Every single blog page will be indexed by search engines (unless you mark the pages "no-index"). The variety of your blog contents will increase the visibility of your keywords. So naturally, the more blog posts you publish, the more chances to be seen and ranked in search results. 

And obviously, as many of your blog posts start to rank individually, it will translate to more exposure to internet users. Blogging is what drives traffic organically to your website. Each blog post will create a chance to find new visitors to your business.

What Are You Going To Blog About?

You don't want to write any topics that you feel reluctant about. There are subjects in life that excite you, unite you and others by writing about them, and subjects that are everlasting to you. I have explained about how to find your niche in my previous post ("How To Start A Home Based Business") which will help you brainstorm and come up with some ideas.

Be Consistent

Easy to get it started but hard to maintain; consistency is key in blogging. Everyone experiences writer's block from time to time. Other things in life - other jobs, family, vacations - may occupy you too. It's okay to go off the radar for a while, but not for too long for 3 reasons;

  1. Your ranking will dramatically drop,
  2. Your audience will lose interest, and 
  3. It will be hard for you to get back on track.

Any blog editors have a feature to schedule post your content, so if you have a plan to go away from it for a while, you can do a bunch of posts in advance and set them to release at intervals. 

Start Blog, Make Money

Every year millions of people try to start affiliate marketing globally, and they quit without making a penny. Because they try to skip the most important part - building a trust relationship with your audience. Not only should you learn authoring technique and market research technique, you need to value your social engagement in the most truthful way. 

Get it started now and learn everything about internet marketing, while you continue to love what you do; writing!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
November 2022: $8,590.00

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