SocialCruise Review

By Jack Stan

We have received numerous complaints about The brand has requested us to remove this post. As an independent reviewer, we are unable to provide our own unbiased opinion at this point in time. However some of the complaints we received have been verified and, as a result we cannot recommend SocialCruise.

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SocialCruise AI Review

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Jack Stan

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  1. I hastily installed this app after my brick & mortar was closed due to the shutdown.
    I found myself with the same overhead bills, and no customers. I have an eCommerce website, but it is to complement my brick and mortar, not replace it!

    I was just panicking and trying to attract some followers/get the word out so that I can try and save my boutique. I should have done my research. They keep charging me, but, my dashboard hasn’t even moved. Just says I’ll start seeing analytics after I’ve been in “cruise mode” a few days. I’ve been in cruise mode a month.

    I can’t find an email address or a phone number. Clicking “support” gets you a java script error.
    I’ve opened 4 chats, all not responded to. One chat window I left open and on my screen for 4 days to see if anyone would ever join it.

    They have no problem charging me… just answering me. And canceling me.

    I now have to go through my bank- TD Bank- which has hour plus wait times because of the shutdown. I’ve hung up twice losing patience, but I’ll have to stick it out one day soon.

    I am watching my business disintegrate, and assholes like this are stealing my money. Yes, stealing. They are providing zero service, just charging my card= stealing. If anyone has any contact information for these pricks, please pass it on. I’m still trying to cancel my account….

    I’ve reported them to the federal trade commission. Stay away from this site!!
    They are scamming thousands of people!

  3. are for sure scammers or just couldn’t care less about taking peoples money after cancellation. They done this for 4 months and Taylor Blanchard (their support) insisted it was getting dealt with, but to no avail and now no response.

    Steer clear of these guys people.

  4. Total scam, Like the others, I’m being billed 3 months after cancellation. The only thing you can do I cancel your card. These thieves are pure scammers, nothing more.

  5. They collect their email lists unscrupulously. I did not know who or what they were until their emails started appearing in my inbox. My guess is that they gather the emails via social media. Then, they have at least 10 email addresses and 3 website variations, so it’s just about impossible to block them. Repeated requests to get removed from their lists is met with more spam emails. I’ve blocked their entire website 3 times plus various individual emails. They now all go to spam, but it’s a nightmare to get rid of them even if you just ended up somehow on their mailing lists. I wouldn’t do business with these guys if you paid me.

  6. They continued to charge me and never responded to requests for cancellation. They are a horrible company with a terrible lack of customer service. The chat they offer on their website never acknowledges anything other than to say they will refer the matter to accounting. Stay away from this company. They do nothing but steal from their customers refusing to stop billing the client’s card long after the cancellation request. A CLASS ACTION Lawsuit should be initiated.

    I am also going to setup a complains site about them and post the reviews to everywhere on line. Social Cruise is a horrible thieving company that never delivers on what it promises. Read their terms and conditions, the last 4 paragraphs are basically; we screw the client and we decide if and when we ever give a refund even when they double charge!

  7. They just sent me an email thanks to this website I now feel completely comfortable and confident with knowing I will undoubtedly get scammed out of my socks!

  8. They’re stealing my money since 3 months, not replying to emails. DON’T USE THIS SERVICE EVER, they have only bots replying and they’re just thieves.

  9. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I signed up even though I read these because it seemed legit. Well 3 days in I asked for a refund like they say you can during the trial period but “because there was engagement” they wouldn’t refund me and I said okay well cancel my account. Still being charged on a weekly basis and every time I say something they just say they will look into it and they have NO phone number to their billing?

    DONT DO THIS. REPORT THEM. They are stealing money.

  10. this company is a scam. I did a trial of the service for 5 days, then asked them to cancel. They said they were cancelling. They have continued to take unauthorized payments EVERY week for the last 6 weeks. I now have to go through my bank to get the charges reversed and get these scammers out of my bank account.

  11. STAY AWAY !!!!!! from this absolute Sham of a company loose term it is deceitful and dishonest the “staff “ are all deceitful TAYLOR BLACHARD-JACOB HUGHES-HENRY MICHAELS DO NOT SUBSCRIBE your account will be charged without authorisation repeatedly, this is a front for a boiler room operation to extract money from you. My experience is the product is not fit for purpose -it does not function as advertised, the customer service is deceitful and dishonest , i am awaiting a refund authorised by Henry Michaels initiated by Taylor Blanchard – it has never materialised-avoid being ripped off STAY AWAY

  12. A scam, for sure. I signed up and for 3 weeks my “dashboard” showed the same info all day every day on the “live feed.” I went back and forth with their customer service (Taylor Blanchard) a number of times and all they said was that I should upgrade to a more expensive plan if I want results. Um, no thanks. So annoying to have to change my credit card number because of these idiots. STAY AWAY.

  13. I’ve been trying to cancel for three months and have opened an investigation with American Express. This is a terrible company run by criminals.

  14. It’s a total scam. It doesn’t work, it does nothing. It’s all fake. I have been stuck now 2 months trying to get rid of them. I tried multiple times to cancel the account, even after Jacob Hughes confirmed that it was cancelled I got another charged in my credit card. Now chasing them with American Express to block them. Will file reports wherever I can. I got proof of emails, screenshots and chat conversations, happy to share to compile a proper review and save people from falling into this.


    I tried to cancel the service within the free three day trial period and asked for my money back, as nothing was happening on my IG account. Jacob confirmed my cancellation, but I’ve never got my money back. The subscription is still active (!!) and I’m not able to stop it. I tried to contact their support again, but nothing. I tried to research the company and don’t find any real legal information. Very unprofessional. My bank just explained to me that I need to order a new credit card. Honestly, this sucks.

    1. My son was also scammed by Jacob(?) of Social cruise. We sent an inquiry form at Cybercashworldwide and asked for advice but he said he had no involvement with Social cruise. Instead he gave us a useful information page by Ray Alexander, what to do when you are scammed.

      I followed the advice and got my son to contact and well that was about 4 days ago. We are waiting to hear from them. He also tried to report to the FBI site but the procedure seemed difficult. If we don’t hear from and econsumer, we will report it to FBI.

  16. This company continuously sends spam emails after repeated requests to unsubscribe from their mailing list. They violate U.S. Can Spam laws because they do not provide an opt out in their email. Filing a complaint against their domain for abuse.

    1. Hi Chris, I too get a lot of spam emails from SocialCruise using different fake names but they’re using a self-hosting server, all the emails are found in my spam folder. Shame the business is failing this way.

  17. Scam.
    I tried to cancel and the same Jacob (which I think is a fake name) has refused to respond with anything other than, no bro, yes bro, wait niggard. Seriously called me Bob, bro and Niggard? Telling me to wait and nothing has happened. I’m about 6 emails in. Don’t go there, save your time and money.

    1. Hi Brian, really sorry to hear about your bad experience. We seem to receive mixed reviews, but that doesn’t sound good…
      Your voice is valuable, thanks for your advice. Meanwhile…I hope your issue will be sorted soon.

  18. Total SCAM! I tried it for 4 weeks, nothing is happening. I tried to cancel for the past 2 weeks, send numerous emails in no reply, still on auto payment. I have to contact the bank myself see what can be done. Super annoying!

    1. Wow, really sorry to hear that. We seem to be receiving mixed feedbacks. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I hope you can get your money back via your bank. Thanks for the info, all the best.

    2. Hi! This is Jacob from SocialCruise! I’m very sorry about this. Can you message me on the website so we can get this resolved ASAP.

    3. Please log a complaint with consumer protection or governing body immediately. Block your bank card, then cancel the card. Unfortunately, you’ve lot your money. Notify, the chatbot provider he uses, notify the social proof app he uses and hotjar, the customer satisfaction app he uses. These are all great companies that take this type of fraud very seriously. There are several companies taking this action already and together you will make him(?) stop. If cybercash are legit, they will also allow this comment to be displayed. Thanks all

  19. Just tried out this service after reading this review. I didn’t see much action for the first couple of days, but after a while we started seeing very good results! We saw a ~250% increase in engagement and our followers went up by 2x.

  20. I’ve been using SocialCruise “Pro” package for 2 months now and I’ve seen great results so far. It took a week or so for things to start to happen. Henry was very responsive and helpful with helping me figure out content for my posts.

    1. Hi Marcus, it’s awesome to hear positive feedback. I wish you all the best with continued success. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  21. Also Recently tried it… Doesn’t seem to be doing anything… Is there something I am missing?!? So far feel ripped off and feels like a Scam… It says Forbes and Tech Crunch on their home page but can’t even seem to find those articles so it looks not legit…

    1. Hi Jayden, thanks for your comment. I’ve tried to contact them but haven’t had a response either. Shame it started off well and now this…

  22. I’ll be honest. I recently tried this service for a week and I didn’t get 1 follower from it whatsoever. I personally don’t think it does anything.

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