Review – Using SocialCaptain to Grow Your Instagram Following

I am here today to give you a review of SocialCaptain, an Instagram growth service that uses artificial intelligence technology to work 24/7 and duplicate human interactions in order to attract new followers and engagement to your account.

I’ve tried everything. I’ve had some accounts disabled, some experienced no growth whatsoever, and I’ve ruined some accounts because of the spam actions the software created. So, when I saw another option hit the market I was a bit skeptical.

SocialCaptain Review

The one thing that really stood out to me as a unique feature when looking into SocialCaptain was that it uses AI and something it calls SmartGrowth to improve its overall performance and results with each action it performs. Imagine an Instagram growth service that uses machine learning to continue to improve your results over time?

Well I took advantage of SocialCaptain’s free trial offer and dove into the settings and after the trail was over I continued to use it, and still do, to this day. Let’s jump right into this review.

My results: 3-day trial period

So, just to let you know why I kept this service after the trail: I saw results. It’s one thing just to see an increase in followers, but when you see them starting to like your posts and leave comments you know that you are attracting the right kind of followers.

I would suggest that during your trial you post a bit more often so you can really see whether or not your new followers are enjoying your content. Don’t go just based on the numbers, because remember, this software gets smarter over time. Instead, look for comments that are genuine and directly related to the content you are posting.

Why I went with the $99/month plan

There are three plans you can pick from once your free trial is over. There is a very affordable $39 a month option (or $15 a week if you don’t want to do a full month) and then the most aggressive option, which is $99 a month. Both will help you grow your Instagram account, but the larger plan delivers engagement and AI at a much faster speed than the rate of the smaller plan. I saw great results so I wanted them to not only continue but continue at a much faster rate.

SocialCaptain Pricing

You can actually watch the results pour in thanks to the dashboard of SocialCaptain, which allows you to see everything happen in real-time. The data you can access in the analytics section is valuable and lets you know, without a doubt, that this tool is delivering great results.

The engagement really does appear to be manually done.

If you are going to allow a piece of software interact with Instagram accounts, you want to be certain that it’s not going to come off as spammy. I see comments sometimes and they are all emojis or they are something totally generic like, “Wow! Great post!” These have spam written all over them. Nobody wants to engage with an account dropping comments like that. Thanks to the AI, SocialCaptain only engages in ways that appear to be human. Nobody will ever know you are using a tool. They will think you are doing everything manually.

AI is hard to beat and SocialCaptain is the technology leader.

If you read any tech blog or business website you will see AI news headlines dominating. The technology is leading the wave of new innovations and everyday uses. I didn’t think we would see it implemented in social media marketing this soon, but the team at SocialCaptain wanted to be the leaders, and what they have been able to create using AI is impressive to say the least.

Why targeted followers are so important.

I would rather have 2,000 followers that were interested in my content and will like and comment on my posts than 250,000 followers that will never interact. Your engagement rates play a huge role in getting posts on the explore page and showing in the feeds of your followers, so it’s nice that SocialCaptain focuses on attracting targeted followers.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t tell by now, I really like this tool. SocialCaptain has been part of my personal Instagram growth for a few months now. I spend $99/month like everyone else simply because it works.

Social Captain

Instagram is the number one social media network now, and brands and influencers alike are putting a heavy weight on having a large and responsive audience on the platform. Long gone are the days of buying fake Instagram followers and fake Instagram likes. Your audience can spot that so quickly and it’s the fastest way to totally de-value your business or personal brand.

Take my advice and give SocialCaptain’s free trial offer a try. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, you should head over there now and register an account. Within a few minutes you can have a campaign running and your account will start to grow in no time.

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