SerpClix Review – I Wouldn’t Mess With Mr. G

Updated: April 29, 2020
by Ray Alexander

You cannot fool the Google Search algorithm. You used to be able to, not anymore. Final answer. SerpClix may have served a great service until a few years ago but sadly it no longer seems to have many registered users, which means people have stopped believing the method and left. Today my SerpClix review will show you what I've found - well, I haven't really found anything too great, unfortunately. Some users say they've made a decent amount of money with it, but I can't see it myself, either. 

SerpClix Review

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Organic CTR manipulation service


Monumental Marketing LLC.


Customers: from $147 per month / Clickers: free to join


What Is SerpClix?

SerpClix is an organic CTR manipulation service. The idea behind it is, the more people visit your site by organic search, the higher your site will rank in search engines. SerpClix works as an intermediary, employs users and get them to visit your site via Google search. So there are two types of SerpClix users;

  • Customers: Website owners who purchase SEO traffic (i.e. pay to get organic visitors), and
  • "Clickers": Visit specified webpages via Google search to get paid.

If you want to buy SerpClix traffic and also want to earn some money as a Clicker at the same time, you need to sign up separately to have a Buyer account and a Clicker account. 

I'll now briefly explain what a user can get from each account.

SerpClix Review

"Buyer" Account

The aim is to improve the SERP (Google) ranking position of your webpage. You first choose a monthly subscription plan and receive credits. Then order the "SEO traffic" - give SerpClix your page URL and keyphrase, and how many visitors you want to send (the calculator will give you an idea). 

You can place as many orders as you wish. There's no contract, so you can cancel your subscription any time and if you've run out of credits, you can simply buy another subscription plan.

You use 9 credits per click (every time someone visits your page) unless you want your visitors from a specific country, in which case you use 17 credits per click. The subscription plans are;

  • STARTER ($147 per month) 4,500 Credits - About 500 clicks
  • BRONZE ($247 per month) 10,000 Credits - About 1,100 clicks
  • SILVER ($497 per month) 25,000 Credits - About 2,800 clicks
  • GOLD ($997 per month) 55,000 Credits - About 6,000 clicks
  • PLATINUM ($2,497 per month) 150,000 Credits - About 16,500 clicks

There's one requirement - your webpage has to be already ranked within the first 10 pages of Google. If your page is ranked in the 11th page or beyond, at the time of the order, SerpClix will simply reject it.

14-Day Free Trial and No Refunds

SerpClix offers a 14-day free trial with 500 credits, but it advises you that the trial offer is purely for you to get the feel of it. It says it will be unlikely to improve your ranking position only within 14 days.

Instead of the free trial, it encourages you to buy a subscription fee by offering 1,500 bonus credits. You might also want to note that the terms of service say no refunds (fully or partially) will be issued if you've once paid your fee. You can cancel it at any time, in which case your current order will continue to run until all the remaining credits are used up.

"What Google Said"...

What I like about SerpClix is there's plenty of knowledge base, case study, and useful information throughout the site. Unfortunately a lot of them were published in 2014 or before, some over a decade old. And SerpClix's method is based on only one of Google's ranking decision factors, ignoring others. For example, one sentence from Google's publication back in 2007 is picked and highlighted;

"User reactions to particular search results or search result lists may be gauged, so that results on which users often click will receive a higher ranking."

But the same publication also refers to the relevance of the content, as well as each Google user's normal behavior when searching that can affect the ranking. Plus of course, other important factors that also determine your page ranking position to consider...which are; 

Useful Content, By All Means!

First and foremost, we all thrive to optimize our site "in order to have it rank high in Google search", but we tend to forget that's the wrong way round. Google decides to rank your site only if it sees it useful to the relevant users. 

As well as using the right keywords, optimizing images, improving the loading speed, making sure it's mobile device friendly, etc., the content should be rich, authentic, and easy to read... (As an Asperger's, I often tend to slash and burn in my own little world - I must be careful about that!)

Without working on these SEO techniques, you can't simply expect SerpClix to improve your SERP position. And SerpClix clearly says it in its FAQ section;

"There are innumerable factors that can affect search engine rankings. You should focus on your efforts on traditional SEO before even thinking about using non-traditional techniques like SerpClix."

"A good SEO specialist doesn't focus only on search engine ranking - where you appear - but rather on how they can help your business through improving how you appear." Google Webmasters @googlewmc

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Dwell Time and Bounce Rate

Dwell time is the length your visitor stays on your webpage. It's one of the factors that's taken into consideration to help search engines determine the quality of the content. A minute or two indicates to them that the visitor is consuming the content, and with SerpClix, the users (clickers) will stay on your page that long, which is good.

Whereas bounce rate - the percentage of visitors who leave your webpage without taking action. The bounce rate will be 100% because every SerpClix clicker will visit your page, do absolutely nothing and close the browser (automatically close.) Although the bounce rate is not considered to be a major search engine ranking factor.

Also read: Dwell Time and Bounce Rate – Do They Matter?

The Headline Is The Decider

This is something I thought didn't logically make sense, right? I hope you agree that the headline is the decision-maker when it comes to organic CTR. You look at the Google page and decide to click the headline you're most drawn to. For example, if the following headlines were listed on a Google page, which one would you click?

  1. SerpClix Review: Efficient & Effective Traffic Service
  2. SerpClix Review: TWO Unknown Secrets Revealed
  3. SerpClix Review: OMG! It RUINED My Site!

I couldn't help but click the most shocking headline, which would be No. 3. Of course, if the content wasn't in line with the headline, clickbait would ruin their site though.

Making a headline that draws attention is a gray-hat SEO technique, everyone does it. And a great headline doesn't necessarily mean the content is as good. You could say almost nothing to do with the actual quality of the content, agree?

Then why would Google rank your site higher just because more people keep choosing to click your headline over others, regardless of the actual content, you know what I mean?

In other words, as I mentioned earlier, Google would rank your webpage in a higher position because it thinks your page is more useful than others. Not simply because more people keep clicking your headline. In this theory, anyway.

"Clickers" Account

As a clicker, you visit specified webpages and get paid $0.05 - $0.10 per each visit. The job is to type in the exact keyword on Google, find the target site, click to visit and stay until the timer runs out. The timer is set for 60 seconds or 120 seconds, depending on how long each customer wants you to stay on the page.

All is actually not as complicated as it may sound, because SerpClix has made the process easy;

  1. You need to use a Firefox or Windows Edge browser with the SerpClix extension installed - you can do this by one click. So all you need is Firefox or Edge.
  2. As soon as you log in, you'll see an "order list" (list of webpages for you to visit) with the keyword/keyphrase in your dashboard. Click any one of them and a new browser tab with Google search will open.
  3. Type in the given keyword/keyphrase in the Google search box as you normally do, and look for the webpage - the target webpage will be clearly highlighted in red, so it's super easy to find. 
  4. Click it and visit the page. There'll be a 60-120 second timer on the browser toolbar. Do nothing - don't click anything. After 60 or 120 seconds, the browser tab will automatically close, and you'll be back on your SerpClix dashboard.
  5. That's it. You've earned $0.05 - $0.10.

Pros and Cons of the Clickers Account

No Orders Available

Well, I say Pro from a clicker's point of view. You don't actually have to be sat like a garden gnome and wait for 60-120 seconds each time. You can use another browser (e.g. Chrome) to do something else, come back and continue SerpClix whenever you're ready.

The "Contra" is, I never find many customer orders - only find 2 or 3 pages to click per day, which means I can only earn about $0.10 - $0.30 per day. Perhaps because I live in the UK. US users may find a few more clicker opportunities? (I can't confirm this because the users are not allowed to use a VPN.)

Anyway, I can say from my experience that there's no way you can even make decent pocket money using SerpClix. And the reason seems to me that it simply has not enough customers. Unfortunately.

SerpClix Pros and Cons


  • Some information on the site is helpful.
  • (For customers) 14-day free trial.
  • (Both customers and clickers) Free to join and create an account.


  • (For customers) After all, it's cheating Google.
  • (For customers) Once a subscription fee's paid, no refunds will be issued.
  • (For clickers) You can hardly make any money with it.

SerpClix Review - Conclusion:

SerpClix seems to provide the service quite genuinely, but like any other SEO techniques, there's no guarantee that the service will improve your Google ranking position. Not for permanently, anyway. After all, it is a manipulation, i.e. black hat SEO. And as for the "Clickers" account, you can only expect to earn a dime or two a day. I can't personally recommend it, unfortunately.

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  1. Well i have being using serpclix for about 6months now WITHOUT a free 14day trail !!!!! And no where is to befound to by clix!!
    Otherwise i would have maybe done it because it payed nice every 1st on the mounth! BUT no i got a message from them that i have a bad IP conection hahahaha THATS BS because i am not using any proxy or vpn and i live up to the rules so i could make some bucks on it BUT no it seems it has kicked me out for no aparent reason what so ever. AND to contact them is hopeles because you can't they say because of the many users ???? some site's have MORE users then them and they even have a problem shooting help desk ad there disposle !!!. BUT hey i got a vue bucks out of it UP to the next one that pais goor each month.

  2. Thank you very much for your update as we see lot of good news about it. I was searching over details how google is doing with it . It is a perfect answer. Thank you

    Johnes J

  3. I’m from MA but I also get 1 – 2 links to click a day. But the work is so simple. I have only been on it for a few months and already earned over $5. It isn’t too bad.

    1. Hi Tara, thanks for sharing your experience. Yes perhaps it’s not too bad compared to say, bank interest receivable. Clicking a few links is barely a job, better than surveys-for-cash at least. Thanks for your comment, I wish you all the best!

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