Richway GAM Review – “No Risk, High Return”?

By Ray Alexander

I'm not an expert in investments but just by looking at the website for a few minutes, I can easily suspect Richway GAM may be running an illegal Ponzi scheme. The site may look great because it's new, but it doesn't really tell you anything apart from saying "we are a real company" and "we will pay you." If you're tempted to give it a try, check my Richway GAM review and see if it all makes sense to you first. You don't want to put your foot in something that's so not transparent. 

Richway GAM Review

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Richway Global Asset Management

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Ponzi Scheme


Richway Global Asset Management Ltd.


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What Is Richway GAM (Global Asset Management)?

Richway GAM claims to invest pooled funds from clients on stocks, forex, crypto, real estate, master limited partnerships, etc. But it never reveals which ones exactly. 

It promises to pay up to 3.5% dividend daily for life and claims to offer no risk, guaranteed income. We all know there' no such thing as a "no risk, high return" investment...something is definitely wrong with this scheme.

It also offers a multi-level referral compensation plan - 6% for your direct referral, 2% and 1% commission for your second and third partner levels respectively.

All this can give you the impression that this company may not be investing money at all, but its only intention may be to pay profits to earlier investors using funds from new investors, which is exactly what a Ponzi scheme is about.

Richway GAM Review

Up to 105% Return Per Month?

Okay, so Richway GAM promises the following return, depending on the size of your investment;

  • From $20 to $499 - 2.1% daily profit ("63% monthly profit")
  • From $500 to $999 - 2.5% daily profit
  • From $1,000 to $4,999 - 3.0% daily profit
  • From $5,000 to $50,000 - 3.5% daily profit ("105% monthly profit")

We can spot two things that are clearly wrong there. 

One is the impossibly high return rates. It tells you that if you deposit $5,000, you'll receive 105%, i.e. $5,250 from Richway GAM the next month and every month thereafter. It's offering a magic paradise where nobody would ever have to work at all, you see what I mean?

The other one is the monthly against daily rates or returns. If it calculates daily, obviously the total of your investment grows daily. 2.1% per day x 30 days should not be simply 63%. It should be;

  • 2.1% daily profit = 1.021^30 = 87% monthly profit
  • 3.5% daily profit = 1.035^30 = 281% monthly profit

...Unless it specifically states that your interest will be calculated based on your initial capital only, but it doesn't.

By all means, the return the rates that it promises sound far too unrealistic.

The Dashboard

Richway GAM Investment Dashboard

I couldn't find out how Richway GAM is diversifying the portfolio from its homepage - how it uses the investor's money on stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. So I signed up to see if there's detailed information.

Virtually no information was found in the dashboard/members' area, except the list of several cryptocurrencies. "USD, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple XRP, or Dogecoin"... That's not a portfolio, it's just a list of different currencies and the different levels of "daily profit" mentioned earlier. So there are two problems there;

  1. How the US Dollars are invested (stocks, bonds, etc.) is not explained, and
  2. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, none of them can "guarantee" profit.
Richway GAM Investment Portfolio

The rest of the dashboard is all about how to make a deposit, how to withdraw, and the referral system.

The Company

Another thing that's a little misleading is that Richway GAM seems to emphasize the scheme is run by a UK limited company therefore trustworthy. The Companies House (UK government's company database) indeed confirms that Richway Global Asset Management Ltd was incorporated in May 2020, with the director named Felix Walker. It's a brand new registered company, and this seems to be Mr. Walker's first directorship. Anyone can set up a limited company with a small fee (£12, which is about $15) in a matter of 24 hours, so the fact that the scheme is owned by a legally incorporated company doesn't really mean anything.

Who Are The "Clients"?

The Richway GAM's homepage says it invests pooled funds from its clients, but it doesn't clarify who the "clients" are. In other words, it doesn't say how it makes money as a company.

You might say, how the owner makes a profit is none of our business as long as we make a profit... Well my point is, the homepage specifically highlights that the scheme is run by a UK-registered company, and the objective of a company is to create wealth - maximize profits, so it should make it clear that who the customers/clients are. Signing up with Richway GAM is free and it doesn't charge you management fees. So clearly the users are not the company's "clients". Unless it's taking a percentage of the deposits as a commission, in which case the investors should be made aware of.

Reviews and Payment Proofs

Reviews and Payment Proofs

I can say the "reviews" are all likely to be fake because all they say is "great program and fast payments!" "the best project I've ever seen!" None of them says how they actually invested money and WHY they think Richway GAM's service stands out from the crowd. Likewise, the list of "payments" means nothing - it can easily be made up.

This Can Be Anybody!

The problem Richway GAM has is - if this scheme is real - it doesn't even try to prove the past performance. The site says Richway GAM was founded in 2019, and the owner's company was officially incorporated in May 2020. But it also says that it has managers who have 10 years of experience in trading. If that's true, it can show some form of evidence and case studies. It can at least provide the managers' names and bios, but it doesn't. 

The photos of the team are all stock photos - they're not the real team. 

Fake Team

...All this will make me think, anybody with no knowledge of investments could replicate this site. Well, I don't have enough developer's knowledge to create a website like this myself. But what I mean is, the owner of Richway GAM may not even have a clue about asset management. Who knows?

Ponzi Scheme - Stay Away!

No evidence of trading activities or real investment portfolio makes Richway GAM a Ponzi scheme, which is illegal in many countries. At least it appears to be a Ponzi scheme right now and until it proves the operation is within the low to the UK government, you should stay away from it. I wouldn't recommend you to invest any money with this company for now, nor to refer others to this scheme as an affiliate, if you don't want to damage your reputation!

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