Prosperity Income Network Review – No Transparency, No Credibility

Updated: November 16, 2019
by Ray Alexander

I have nothing against multi-level marketing, but when it comes to a scheme like Prosperity Income Network, I do question the integrity. It doesn't really explain what the product is and what benefits it provides. It calls itself a membership scheme but instead of charging a monthly fee, it takes a ridiculously high one-off joining fee. And unfortunately, I can find red flags all over the site. 

Today my Prosperity Income Network Review will explain why you should never join a Ponzi scheme if you want to start a serious online business. A good payout rate should never be your primary reason - don't be blinded by it.

Prosperity Income Network Review

Product Name:

Prosperity Income Network

Website URL:


Affiliate Marketing



Launch Date:

September 2019


$597 - $25,997


What Is Prosperity Income Network (PIN)?

Prosperity Income Network is an affiliate marketing scheme where the membership is heavily focused on the compensation plan. It provides you a landing page of your choice - it has to have something because otherwise it will be considered as a Pyramid/Ponzi scheme which is illegal in many countries. But it's all about recruiting others. You can only make money for the sake of making money by "robbing Peter to pay Paul." Essentially this is a Ponzi scheme.

Prosperity Income Network Review

The Fee and The Compensation Plan

Prosperity Income Network has 6 levels of the compensation plan. You pay a one-off fee upon joining;

  • Starter: $500 + admin fee $97 = $597
  • Deluxe: $2,000 + admin fee $197 = $2,197
  • Premium: $3,000 + admin fee $297 = $3,297
  • Master: $6,000 + admin fee $497 = $6,497
  • Diamond Elite: $12,000 + admin fee $697 = $12,697
  • Executive Elite: $25,000 + admin fee $997 = $25,997

I'm not sure why the admin fee has to be relative rather than fixed, but it is what it is. If you successfully recruit someone, your commission will be;

  • If you are on Starter Plan: up to $350
  • If you are on Deluxe Plan: up to $1,400
  • If you are on Premium Plan: up to $2,450
  • If you are on Master Plan: up to $4,200
  • If you are on Diamond Elite Plan: up to $8,400
  • If you are on Executive Elite Plan: up to $20,000

For example, you are on the Deluxe Plan and if; 

  • Your referral joins the Starter Plan, you will receive $350.
  • Your referral joins the Deluxe Plan or any of the higher plans, the maximum you can receive will be $1,400.

It's a single-tier scheme; if your referral recruits someone else, you will not receive a percentage of the commission. You may feel it's kept nice and simple, or may feel the commission is distributed unfairly if you are a multi-level marketer.

Now I've listed up the warning signs that I can find in Prosperity Income Network.

Red Flag #1 - Who Is The Creator?

We don't know who's behind Prosperity Income Network, and this I think is the biggest warning sign. The introduction video is made with stock video clips with a narration by a voice actor. No matter how good a scheme may sound to you, if you don't know who's actually running it, you should be very cautious. If the site were to abruptly shut down tomorrow, you wouldn't know who to blame, and it really is possible that it may disappear on you all of a sudden at any time.

Red Flag #2 - The One-Off Joining Fee

Apart from the unknown owner of PIN, an immediate question I had was the one-off fee. There is no product that the members will receive upon joining for each value. The members are given access to their dashboard, which I assume needs the maintenance costs as long as the site exists, i.e. indefinitely.

PIN is taking a large amount right at the beginning, but allowing the prospects to choose which Plan to go for - effectively encouraging them to take a gamble.

This shows that the owner may not be planning to keep the scheme for the long term. And as I just mentioned in the red flag #1, the site may disappear at any time. Imagine you pay $26k and find it all gone the next day!

Red Flag #3 - Too Much 'Blah'

I can't help but notice many meaningless expressions throughout the website such as;

  • "We put together the first-ever fully automated system."
  • "Done-for-you advertising. We've put together premium advertisers..."
  • "An in-depth personal & business development library for you to utilize in building their business."

Virtually all the Pyramid schemes are sold and bought through networking (i.e. meaningless chat) and this is a typical one. The introductory words are often constructed with big words but don't make sense as a whole. If you scroll right down to pay attention to the compensation plans and wowed by the potential income without understanding what it is - that's exactly what they're trying to get you to do.

Also to join PIN, you need to make a phone call and speak to their advisor. Again this is one of the typical pyramid scheme tactics. The aim is to talk you into it, never mind the quality of the conversation.

Particularly if you are a "talk before you think" type of person, you should be careful here. You might think you understand how the system works from the home page, but nothing's explained there.

Red Flag #4 - Traffic 'Rotator'

Prosperity Income Network Scam

PIN members get placed on the network's "built-in advertising rotator", so the company advertises itself regularly and allocates prospects to each member in turn. If you buy a higher level of the compensation plan, you'll receive more turns.

But you never know how often the actual, responsive prospects will be allocated to you. If PIN had such a good advertising source, it wouldn't give you the income opportunity for free. Remember, you only pay a joining fee in the beginning. There is no promise of new prospects in the short term nor in the long run.  

It means that if you want to recruit people proactively, you'll have to find your own traffic source inevitably. But no training is supplied by PIN. So if you get the impression that you won't have to do anything to find your own prospects because of the "rotator", that's not the case.

Red Flag #5 - They "Close All Sales"

Prosperity Income Network claims that its "success coaches" will negotiate with your prospects and complete the sales for you. You know it sounds too good to be true. With many other similar schemes where their sales representatives "close the deals" for you, you never get to know what's actually happening with the particular prospects. And more importantly, if it's not your job to close the sales, what's your job? All you do is invest a large amount of money in the beginning, hoping "something" to happen without gaining any business knowledge or skills.

Red Flag #6 - "No Refund" Policy

The Prosperity Income Network's terms & conditions state that, by registering, you agree that no chargebacks are allowed, all purchases are final, and no refunds will be made. 

Prosperity Income Network Pros and Cons


  • Compensation plan structure is simple.


  • No products to sell, focused only on recruitment.
  • No transparency throughout.
  • Owner is unknown. 
  • Once paid, no refund will be made.

Prosperity Income Network Review - Conclusion:

Prosperity Income Network claims that there's no selling on your part, no talking to prospects, and the "success coaches" will handle all sales for you. All you have to do is to pay a large sum of joining fee and do nothing, and you'll keep making profits. The site is brand new and the owner is unknown.

It sounds totally out of order to me. Virtually nothing that's being said on the homepage is believable, therefore I cannot recommend this scheme to anyone, unfortunately.

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
November 2023: $8,050.00

About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Don’t trust this company! I asked a few questions & one of my questions was who was behind it then I got real stinky reply back to say i was not fit to the program. Nasty piece of work!!

  2. This is all so true. I watched some youtube videos but they don’t make sense. None of them is clear about traffic. None of them made any money. I am defenitly convinced you will not make money.. Do not waste money with this scheme.

  3. Hi, Ray. I find your review interesting but I think sounds like this company is bad enough to call it a scam. I agree with you about people who talk before they think. Like many times I watch product reviews on Youtube and notice people don’t do quality talking. They sound like they give decent explanations but they don’t give quality information. Many viewers think they understand but I guess they don’t. That kind of people would buy MLM or pyramid schemes without fully understanding it.

    I can also see this is a bad pyramid system and I agree with you about charging admin fee separately is wrong. Thank you for your review.

    1. Hi Sam, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Just to be clear, PIN is not a multi-level system though. % of commissions will not pass up to anyone at higher levels.

      I also wouldn’t say charing admin fee separately is “wrong”, that’s none of our business. But if you were to join, you’d want them to clarify what the fee is for. It’s hefty enough to call it an operational fee though. Thanks for your comment.

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