Online Business: The Need To Add Subtitles To Your Online Posts

Let’s directly dive into the question, “How do you supercharge your social media content with subtitles?” 

Did you know that including subtitles on visual content increases the number of times people stay engaged with it? How many times have you watched a video without subtitles? We know it can be frustrating, but there are some benefits to not having subtitles. For one, we learn the language by listening and watching. Second, we don't feel like we're missing out on anything if we can't read along or understand what's happening in the video. 

Online Business The Need to Add Subtitles to your Online Posts

Unfortunately for those who really want to understand what's happening in an interview or documentary and need captions to do so, they may find themselves unable to watch the content at all because of lack of accessibility. To help solve this problem for our viewers with hearing difficulties, please consider adding subtitles whenever possible! Subtitles will allow everyone to have access to your visual content no matter their level of understanding.

So what is a subtitle and why do we need to use them?

Subtitles are one of the most underutilized tools when it comes to connecting with your audience. Subtitles can work as a great call-to-action for viewers, and they're much less intrusive than text overlays or voiceovers. It is a great way to add an extra level of professionalism and detail to your post. They also allow you to convey information without disrupting the viewer's experience and they leave room for your personality to shine through. 

A subtitle typically appears on-screen below audio or visual content and displays text such as dialogue, song lyrics, translation, captions/subtitles for deaf or hard of hearing viewers, etc. A subtitle often functions as an additional captioning service that can increase your videos’ conversion rates by 12%. 

Creating Subtitles for Your Post

In order to create a subtitle for your post, first, think about what you want it to say and how long it should be. Thus, it is important to have an already written script to make your life easier. In this way, the hassle of typing and inserting captions can be eradicated in the process. Then pick a font size and color for it so that people can see it easily if they scroll down past the title of your blog post. This is the aesthetic part of creating subtitles, you can play with the colors and font styles. It also adds to your visual content as long as it does not overpower your main post. Finally, the subtitles can be placed at the top or bottom of your post. If you choose to place them on the top, make sure that they do not cover any important information from your visual content.

Here are a few tips on crafting subtitles:

1. Use keywords that are relevant to the content of your blog post

SEO Keywords

If you're a vlogger or influencer, it's important to use keywords that are relevant to the content of your post. Your readers will find and share your content more easily if they can search for specific terms on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. For example, if you're doing a blog post about how to style boots in winter, then include words like "winter," "booties," and "fashion." This way people who want to learn more about those topics can find your article more easily. Keywords are an important part of blogging. They help you attract more traffic to your blog and they're a good SEO strategy. 

2. A good rule-of-thumb for subtitles is to keep them under 10 words or less

A good rule-of-thumb for subtitles is to keep it short. It's important to understand that this guideline applies not only to blog posts but also to vlog titles and even social media tweets. For example, “best vlogging cameras”, if your title is long enough to include these words, then it's probably too long! 

For video subtitles, you have to make sure that the placement of your subtitles is not cramped and is easily readable. You have to be able to divide a paragraph into sentences as it flashes to the screen. More than this, you need to take note of the seconds the subtitles will appear.

This technique will make it easier for readers or viewers who are scrolling through their feeds quickly; they might be more likely to click on your post if the title is concise enough for them to do so without having read any of the content beforehand. 

3. Avoid using too many exclamation points or other punctuation marks (e.g., ! ? etc.) - these can make sentences hard to read!

If you're a vlogger, influencer, or marketer, then you know the importance of attracting an audience. You want to show that your content is worth following and reading. One way to do this is by using punctuation marks in moderation. 

Punctuation marks are great for showing excitement or adding emphasis, but too many can make it difficult for followers and viewers to read through what they have written. Too many exclamation points will also come across as spammy instead of genuine enthusiasm which might discourage people from visiting your posts on social media or subscribing to your YouTube account. Instead of trying to use every type of punctuation mark, limit yourself to one per sentence.

Check your spelling

Other Reminders:

  1. People who use screen readers may not be able to read the subtitles if they are covered.
  2. At the bottom of your post, subtitles can cover any important information from your visual content.
  3. The subtitles should be placed at a reasonable distance from the start of the post.
  4. Avoid overcrowding your page with too much information, as it could become confusing to readers.
  5. Be careful when using several colors for your subtitles because it might be difficult to read for some people.
  6. Do not forget that subtitles are still part of text content.
  7. Subtitles should have the same quality as your main post.

There are many benefits of using subtitles in your online marketing campaigns: they make it easier for viewers who don't speak your language to understand what's being said; they help people who may not be able to hear very well follow along, and they're available to anyone which means more viewers.  Lastly, subtitles are available for anyone around the world with access to the internet, there is no good reason as to why someone shouldn't use them.

There are many common mistakes other vloggers make that you should avoid in order for your subtitles to be effective; these include run-on sentences, incorrect punctuation, and poor word choice. If you have to pause while speaking in the video to check the subtitles rendering or editing on your computer, then that's a sign you might need to go over them yourself. The best way to proofread your subtitles is by taking note of the mistakes other bloggers and marketers make when they add subtitles to their videos. There is no good reason to not just insert them into your videos or website content.

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