LearnWorlds Review 2022 – The Best Online Course Platform?

Updated: February 27, 2022
by TJ Salvatore

Online courses and remote learning is one of the fastest-growing industries and the must-have for everyone during Covid-19. For online course creators, schools, organizations, and companies, a place to create and sell courses are crucial. 

Apart from the online course marketplace, LearnWorlds is the online course platform that you can easily build your authentic online school. Today we will take a deep dive into LearnWorlds features and review the product for promising course instructors!

LearnWorlds Review

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What is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is a fully customizable online course platform that allows course creators, schools, and companies to create their online courses, live streaming courses, and online schools with only a few clicks. LearnWorlds is the online course version of Shopify and Wix. 

The best features of LearnWorlds is the flexibility of website design and the template library. You can drag & drop on the pages and make your site look super professional. 

Interactive learning is another feature that LearnWorlds does a good job of. 

If you’re thinking about creating your online course empire, I highly suggest you to take a 1 month Free Trial of LearnWorlds to play around and see if it meets your needs! 

Let’s review more features of LearnWorlds!

LearnWorlds Review

LearnWorlds’ Key Features

When you’re choosing the right online course platform, you’ll have to take a closer look at their course creation, website design, and course marketing features, and of course the pricing itself.

LearnWorlds covers all the basic features of an online course platform. 

Let’s break down all the categories and see what’s included in LearnWorlds. 

Course creation :

LearnWorlds Add Interactions

LearnWorlds stands out on the learning experience of students, you can make lots of changes to your course design and exams.

  • Support all the learning materials: videos, Ebooks, Youtube, Soundcloud, pdf, SCORM & HTML5
  • Great testing engine: quiz, exam, and certification with your brand
  • Customizable course player 
  • Auto-generated subtitles and auto-generated interactive transcriptions
  • Interactive videos: Add quizzes, images on the video directly without production!

Website design :

Probably the most mature website builder of online course platforms on the market!

  • Drag & drop site builder with responsive design
  • Well designed templates for you to choose from
  • Able to transform the whole school design with a theme 
Website design

Course marketing :

Standard course marketing features of the online course platform.

  • Create unlimited coupons, membership, subscriptions, and affiliate sales
  • Stripe, PayPal as main payment getaways
  • Student analytics and reports 
  • Integrations with Mailchimp, Convertkit, Aweber, Zapier, Zoom, and more!

Course marketing

5 Steps to Create Online School with LearnWorlds

Step #1 Design your school  

Choose the theme, template, and fonts that fit your needs and style. Don’t worry too much about this step, you can always change everything later on. After you choose the flavor of your school design, go ahead and replace all the contents on the template. 

LearnWorlds has many sites to be designed, so just start with the basic pages first then add alter the other pages when you grow your school. 

LearnWorlds Design your school

Step #2 Upload your courses

When you finish recording your course content, here’s the step that you upload your courses. LearnWorlds supports many types of materials that you can add to your course. 

LearnWorlds has powerful interactive videos and automated transcription features, it can save you tons of post-production time of post-production. With a higher plan, you can also use Zoom to do your live classes! 

Apart from the course content, you can also design quizzes and exams for your students. After they pass the test, you can issue a certificate with your school brand!

LearnWorlds Upload your courses

Step #3 Set up tools and integrations 

Now is the time to set up all your integrations of email marketing, affiliate marketing, productivity tools, Zapier, and more. 

Don’t forget to add Facebook pixel and Google Analytics, and Mixpanel as well in this step for you to track all the traffic of your online school.

Set up tools and integrations

Step #4 Set up course marketing tools

Set up your course bundles, coupons, and promotions to increase conversions. You can also create and design a lead capturing pop-up for your pages! 

A built-in affiliate marketing dashboard is power in LearnWorlds too. You can create as many affiliates link with different revenue shares as you need.

Set up course marketing tools

Step #5 Choose payment gateway and GO LIVE!

Before you launch your school to your audiences, don’t forget to set up the payment gateway from Stripe, Paypal, Shopify, and more. 

Also, connect LearnWorlds with your domain to be even more professional! Now is the time to celebrate and thrive with your students ?

LearnWorlds Choose payment gateway and GO LIVE

LearnWorlds’ Pricing

LearnWorlds Pricing

LearnWorlds has 3 different tiers of pricing in terms of features (price shown yearly plan) : 

Starter Plan: $24/month

  • Unlimited paid courses 
  • 1 Admin
  • 5$ per transaction 
  • Drip course content
  • Custom domain

Pro Trainer Plan: $79/month

  • Unlimited courses
  • 5 Admins
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • 0% transactions
  • Live classes with Zoom 
  • Subscriptions and membership 
  • Custom certificate

Learning Center Plan: $249/month 

  • 20 Admins/Instructors
  • Interactive video 
  • Auto transcripts & subtitles 
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Custom iOS/Android App (with fees)

Start your 1 month Free Trial here :

Seize the chance to upgrade with LearnWorlds’ Black Friday Campaign


LearnWorlds Review - Conclusion

While there are quite a few online course platforms in the market, LearnWorlds is the most mature on the website page design and the student learning experiences.

If you’re looking to grow your online course business, LearnWorlds offers the most customizable platform for your brand without a doubt. 

I highly recommend LearnWorlds to be your choice for your online course business journey. 

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