What To Do To Keep Your Instagram Followers Happy

Updated: May 5, 2019
by CyberCash Worldwide

If you want to be a successful business, you are required to keep your Instagram followers happy. The followers are most important & you can make them happy effortlessly via following ways.

What To Do To Keep Your Instagram Followers Happy

Post Frequently and Consistently 

We all keep listening that one should post frequently & consistently on Instagram. This is really important because the people who follow you expect you to keep posting on a frequent basis. This is definitely the basic reason why they follow you. If they see that last time you posted 2 or 3 weeks ago, it forces them to un-follow you.

There is not a single agreed upon statement of experts that tell you how often you should post. There are a few who says that posting single time in a day is perfect while a few others say that one should post several times a day. Investing time on doing research for this won’t get you results. The best recommendation for you in this regard is to experiment & observe the strategy that gives you the most engagement. The best way to do this is via Instagram analytics if you are having a business profile.

Responding To Your Follower’s Comments

Every Instagram expert will always suggest you to respond to your follower’s comment. Ignoring them will not make your followers feel good. If they take time to think & write a comment, you must appreciate their efforts. It will not only make them happy but also, they will consider doing it again and again.

For popular brands, it may be a bit difficult to reply to hundreds of comments. The best recommendation for them is to like all of them & reply to only those which are having some sort of queries. The followers that leave comments definitely adore your brand. When they get a response from you, their love grows as it builds excitement & creates hype around you.

Posting Your Instagram Story


Instagram story? There are still more than a few people who have never utilized this feature. You might think that your followers are already interacting with you via your posts so it is not necessary for you to post a story. But, the fact is that your followers always expect more & more from you. If everyone around you (i.e. your competitors) are doing it, so why not you. Your followers don’t always expect advertising content from your end. They want to see you as you are & that is what the stories on Instagram is all about.

This is okay to have text or pictures on your story but if you record a 15-second video, it will be amazing. There is no specific pattern to follow for stories & also, you are not supposed to post stories daily. You can post the best pictures from your entire week altogether in your story as well. One more amazing idea to share on your Instagram story is behind the scene pictures.

Replying To DMs

Have you ever thought that why DMs are considered the most important? The reason is that this is the point when you & followers get a little bit more personal. There are a few brands that make the mistake of not replying to their follower’s DM. It makes a bad impression of your brand & the people usually hate it, when they don’t get any reply to their queries.

DMs are best to interact with your followers on a personal level & to make their queries & concerns. This is the point where you can make them comfortable with you & they become satisfied.

Being a brand, all you have to do is open your DMs frequently to check if there are new ones to reply. Reply to them as soon as possible & don’t let people wait so much. It isn’t only necessary to reply to your follower’s queries. If they are thanking you for something or it’s a general kind message, you must take a moment to acknowledge. They deserve the appreciation for taking out for you. Try to be an amazing brand that genuinely cares about followers.

These are a few ways that can let you keep your followers happy without many efforts.

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