How to Respond to Debt in Your Family

By Joe Garcia

When you’re raising a family, their happiness is your top priority. You know that happiness stems, in part, for the stable and comfortable life you’re able to build around them. As such, there’s nothing quite like debt to come between a family and their happiness, and even the most diligent and mature of families can still find themselves suffering under some form of debt throughout their lives. What matters is how you respond to that debt – and here is how.

How to Respond to Debt in Your Family

Check Legality

Your first port of call, when you’re receiving letters about rising debts, is to check the legality of the accusations levelled against you. Sometimes, debt collecting companies and individuals can cross a line, over which they are committing a crime against you and your family. Meanwhile, some debt collection schemes are scams in their own rights and should be directed to law enforcement. To check your recourse when debt collectors are harassing your family, talk to experienced and diligent lawyers who know how to defend you from predatory debt collectors – and search how assistance with a lawsuit regarding debt can help protect your family.

Assess Budget

If your debts are small but growing, you should attempt to nip them in the bud as soon as you possibly can. Without this ability to check your debts before the interest on them rises precipitously, you may end up deep in debt – something that’s entirely avoidable if you catch debt early. If you find debt early, you could:

  • Take out a different, low-interest loan to pay off a particularly dangerous one
  • Make cuts to your family expenditure to pay off your debt immediately
  • Ask a friend or family member to lend you the cash to defeat the debt you have
  • Sell something owned by your family – like your car –to stop the debt

You have plenty of options at your disposal, but the important thing is being aware of the financial health of your family, and the level of debt you’re in, always.

Assess Budget

Make a Safety Net

In the event of your gathering up a worrying amount of debt, you’ll find that you and your family get more and more stressed, and feel more and more unstable, as the debt rumbles on with you. It’s no fun – and it can tear families apart. As such, for the future, it’s very wise to set aside cash into a savings account, which will act as your safety net should you fall into debt in the future. You can pay into this savings account based on:

  • How much you can save each month from your combined earnings
  • All your bonus pay or commissions could enter this pot of cash
  • You could make some savings in your day-to-day life, which you pay into the pot
  • Sell some of your old possessions, and use the proceeds as your safety net pot

With so many ways to slowly accumulate the cash you need to avoid debt; you should start with a savings account today to protect your family from the ravages of debt.

These three tips are crucial in your family’s avoidance of damaging debt. 

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Joe Garcia

I work with Ray Alexander as an assistant. Self-starter, quick-learner, and well-organized adventurer. I occasionally write blog posts on this site with Ray's help as I still learn English. Right now I'm based in Spain.

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