How To Be Successful In Online Business: Action Today

Updated: November 11, 2018
by Ray Alexander

Here are some tips on how to be successful in online business. Charles Dickens said "Never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.” And today as in everyday. Plan each day and keep going. I don't believe in pushing myself meaninglessly because the last thing I want is to exhaust myself enough to lose interest in all. But what's important for me is not to put my mind at rest until the job I decided to do is done.

How To Be Successful In Online Business

Excuses Never Make You Successful

Planning is good. But a conditional statement ("I will do it if...") is never a promise. Certain people often use this phrase - I'll do it if - just as an excuse to delay. A plan without an objective is not constructive and means very little. It just translates in other words, "I don't feel like it now, I might think about it later." And it means "It may never happen".

"I'll plan the next move if/when this campaign turns out to be successful."

Of course you'll be planning the next move at some point - regardless to the result of a campaign or whatever you're currently running. So you might as well not say it. It's much more important to make sure your plan is to achieve your goals, and also to make sure things are going well accordingly. If not going well, now is the time to make an alternative plan, not later!

"I'll improve the system if/when I have more customers."

Finding out weaknesses in the 'system' is good. It can be about how you reply to your customers' queries, it can be how your website is structured, it can be about your autoresponder, anything. But if you know the area of improvements, the time to take action is now, otherwise you may be already losing your current customers or site visitors.

"I'll start a different marketing method if/when I have more money."

This is another 'obvious' statement - when you have more money, of course can afford to invest some of it in advertisements and use bigger, better services. The question is what kind of 'different marketing method' - you can do a research now and keep researching continuously.

Set your revenue goals and plan to spend accordingly. For example, your target income by the end of the month: $1,000. Invest $200 in Facebook ads across the next month.

“My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.”  (Charles Dickens) #successquotes #TakeAction #OnlineBusiness

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1. Enjoy, Be Persistent, and Never Quit

The main thing is to enjoy your online business, be persistent and never quit, but quit what you're doing if it's not working and learn from it.

#1 Enjoy What You Do

You're running an online business by yourself, not working for anyone else. Then you gotta choose to do what you want to do!

This firstly relates to a career in general. For generations, we've been told by our parents to get a steady job to get a steady life. We've been told that whatever it takes to work hard for money is a good thing. That's no longer the case. Internet provides any of us an opportunity to make a good success by doing what we love to do.

Secondly to find out what makes you most enthusiastic within the online business; from affiliate marketing to e-commerce, there are different kinds of benefits in terms of money, customer relationships and time management. It's good to try new areas of marketing, so that you can decide which job you think it suits you the best. 

#2 Be Persistent and Never Quit

Never give up

Set your goals and work hard constantly to achieve the goals. There are ways to keep motivating yourself; remind yourself that you love your job and why you love it. Some days are better than other days - everyone has ups and downs. If everything seems to go wrong, always look for the positive side. Find out something new that you've learned today and do nothing else, that's still good! Stay focus on your goals and you know you'll get back on the rails tomorrow.

Just remember that results happen over time, not overnight. Be persistent and your hard work will definitely pay off in the end. Never quit.....

#3 Test, Try and Quit If Not Good

.....But don't be afraid to quit if what you're doing isn't working out. In fact the worst thing you can do is not to moving on from it. You should stop;

  • Spending too much time regretting or blaming the failure on other factors ("I didn't want it in the first place" "It's the publishing company's fault I didn't make it") or
  • Clinging on to the failing system because you think it's your responsibility to complete it.

You won't know if something is a success or failure until you give it a try. And you'll have to experience a failure at some point (or many points) in the future. You can only improve your business by analysing your mistake each time, learning from it and quickly moving on from it. Your precious time and money will never be 'wasted' if you find something positive out of it. Knowing when to quit and change course is important.

What's the Biggest Challenge You Face with
Making Money Online?

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of knowledge or skills
  • Fear of scams
  • Don't know where to start
  • Other

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  1. I understand in theory but I have been trying for more than 3 years, I have no intention to quit, but I have not seen a success. Some days I feel too tired to carry on. Is there any systems that you can suggest. I am not interested in Bitcoins. I would like to make a success in affiliate marketing. But legitimate one, I don’t like promoting fraudulent software or anything that’s illegal or deceitful involving someone else. Please shed a light for me. Thanks so much in advance. William

    1. Hi William, sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling for a while. Would you be interested in building a website and promote affiliate products via your blog? If so sign up here at no cost, I’ll see you there and help you as much as I can. Good luck, speak soon!

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