FlexOffers Review

Updated: August 10, 2022
by Ray Alexander

If you are looking for top free affiliate marketing programs to join, find a reputable network that pays you reasonably quickly and also has many well-known brands in your niche. The last time I took a look at FlexOffers was in 2016 and at the time, the company had been chosen as the 8th best affiliate network by Blue Book Survey in terms of cost-per-sale. In 2022, FlexOffer ranked 5th in the same survey. So it has proven to maintain a good reputation. 

My FlexOffers review has been written from a publisher's (i.e. affiliate's) point of view on the variety of brands, ease of use, and level of support. If you are new to affiliate marketing and haven't signed up with any marketplaces, I think it's worth considering joining. The company has almost 2 decades of experience in business, you can't go wrong with it, can you?

FlexOffers Review

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FlexOffers Review

FlexOffers – The Scope

FlexOffers is absolutely free to join.

Its network is pretty impressive, well-diversified portfolio of more than 6,000 popular advertisers. Almost any niche categories can be found such as media, online services, digital products, entertainment, fashion & cosmetics, home & garden, sports & fitness, business, financial services, travel, automotive, education, insurance, legal services and so on.

FlexOffers Advertisers

The above are only a few from the top page – you can find many well-known advertisers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Bentley, JCPenny, Verizon, Symantec (Norton Antivirus), Starbucks, Uniqlo and many more.

Content Delivery Formats

FlexOffers Logo

One of the most frustrating problems that publishers (affiliates) encounter is where their affiliate marketing network does not provide variety of content delivery formats, such as Deep Links as well as banners and HTML text links. FlexOffers delivers variety of options.

How you Deep Link (link a specific page of the advertiser’s site) to your page is explained clearly with screenshots in its member’s area. Although it depends whether the advertiser allows a deep link or not.

(1) To get started, first locate an approved text link or banner that supports Deeplinking. Using advanced search, use the checkbox for “Only Deeplink Enabled Products”.

(2) Next, click on the link or “View Link” / “View Banner” to display the Link Details box for a product that supports deeplinking.
FlexOffers Deep Linking

(3) Click “Browse the advertiser’s website” to find the specific page where you would like to direct your users.

FlexOffers Deeplinks

Referral Scheme

With FlexOffers’ referral scheme you can earn a little bonus by referring your friends to its affiliate marketing network. It will allow you to earn 2% – 10% of the commissions your referrals earn, the rate of which depends on your monthly sales volume. Based on your 90 days of average sales;

  • $0 – $2,499 a month on average – 2%
  • $2,500 – $4,999 a month on average – 3%
  • $5,000 – $9,999 a month on average – 4%
  • $10,000 – $24,999 a month on average – 5%
  • $25,000 – $49,999 a month on average – 6%
  • $50,000 – $99,999 a month on average – 7%
  • $100,000 – $149,999 a month on average – 8%
  • $150,000 – $249,999 a month on average – 9%
  • $250,000 + a month on average – 10%

Custom Sub-Tracking Campaigns

FlexOffers provides you with the ability to add unique sub-tracking campaigns to your product links to track specific marketing activities. Tracking your campaigns can help you test your marketing efforts, such as the performance of web page designs, promotional content, keyword bidding.

With the campaigns link, you’ll be able to see which areas in your site are performing well, or how many sales were generated from your email campaigns.

There are three methods of creating sub-tracking campaigns to your promotional links. The methods and step-by-step are explained clearly in PDF file exclusively available to the members (image below);

FlexOffers step-by-step

“NET 7” Fast Payout Terms

Normally with any affiliate marketing networks, you wait 60-90 days to get paid after the closing of the month. This depends how quickly your chosen advertiser actually pays out. FlexOffers typically offers NET 30 (30 days after the end of the month).

Moreover if you generate at least $5,000 in monthly revenue, you will be qualified to get paid even quicker. After 30 days of sales, you will get paid on the 7th business day of the following month, that is FlexOffers NET 7 scheme.

Ease Of Use

Signing up with FlexOffers is easy and straightforward – you need to fill out personal and business information, postal address and of course your website URL. Your application will be approved manually, meaning FlexOffers will ensure your website has its original content and does not violate any of FlexOffers’ terms and conditions.

The affiliate interface is very friendly and easy to navigate. Categories, features and functions are all clearly laid out. You should have noticed by now from the above screenshots that there are plenty of step-by-step instructions to avoid any confusions.


As well as online support ticket system, FlexOffers can be reached via phone Monday-Friday, from 9am to 7pm, Eastern Time, and also by email. There are separate FAQ sections for advertisers and publishers. Your account will be assigned to a dedicated representative. In my experience I find each of the affiliate managers knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.


I would give 9.8 out of 10.

With my own experience, not the perfect 10 only because a couple of programs I have joined didn’t allow Deep Link, but this is of course down to each advertiser, not within the FlexOffers’ control. With 10+ years of experience, in no doubt FlexOffers knows how to serve effective affiliate deals. It is free therefore there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try, to monetize your websites or email campaigns.

About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Hey, nice article about "Flex offers". I will definitely follow these for my company to give the best possible services to my customers. Keep on adding this type of valuable content again and again. Hope to read more from you. Thank you!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it only makes sense. Affiliates normally receive a percentage of the price that’s been sold, paid by the retailer. Flexoffers as a middle agent takes a commission from it. If there was to be the 4th party (coupon site) involved, what I can imagine in the first instance would be messy transactions. And I’m sure there could be some other problems. Whatever the problems could be solved, but they don’t need anything rather than simple “advertiser – affiliate network – affiliate” chain relationship. I’m only guessing though!

  2. For anyone who doesnt do their homework and just joins “Flexoffers” cuz they present an impressive site, the headache aint worth it. They do not follow the guidlines of publishing of any “Terms and Conditions” OR, “Registration Requirements”
    They make them up as they go. If your looking for a reputable affiliate source,,,do your homework cuz “Flexoffers” aint gunna cut it. Do a search for “flexoffers review”.

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion – have you had bad experiences yourself? I have quite a good relationship with FlexOffers, they pay on time and have never had any problems so far. Their support desk is always helpful. In my opinion not following whatever the guidelines is their problem, unless they’re carrying out something unethical, or there’s a part that affect their affiliates. Right now I’m happy with them. Any personal experience as an affiliate will be welcomed. Thanks!

  3. This is some interesting stuff, I want to join flexoffers but was wondering if you have any thoughts on the Amazon affiliate program and how it compares to flexoffers? I just want to know which one you think is better and worth joining. thank you for posting this informative article.


    1. Hi Jose, it’s like you’re comparing between a food menu and a restaurant guidebook.

      Amazon is a shop. By joining Amazon, you can promote any products that Amazon sells (=food menu)

      Flexoffers is not a shop. By joining them, you can find a shop you may want to promote (=restaurant guide)

      You look at a restaurant guide to decide where to eat. Once you’ve decided, you go to that restaurant, have a seat and look at the menu. Both Amazon and Flexoffers are free to join and are worth joining depending on your affiliate niche. If you’d like to promote anything that Amazon sells, join them. Also join Flexoffers to see what kind of other shops are around. Once you’ve found a shop within Flexoffers, now you need to join the shop’s affiliate program. I hope this makes sense. Any more questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me.

  4. Looks interesting. I’m stuck with Clickbank since it was easy to join. I’m looking to diversify. How hard is it to get approved? Once you are a member of the network, do you still need to be approved for individual offers?
    My website is new (one month old). I’m getting little or no traffic right now. Should I wait until my website is more established? Do they have any limits, i.e. if I do not generate a sale within set amount of time, I will get kicked out?

    1. Hi Magda, thanks for your queries. Getting approved by FlexOffers is not hard at all. Within 24 hours, usually quicker. And yes you still need to be approved for individual offers. At this stage the approval is up to the advertiser, so they may reject if they feel your site is not appropriate. Big, world-famous brands tend to disapprove your application if they see your website is “not big enough” for them.

      No, FlexOffers’ support team confirms that there is no web traffic threshold or sale within a limited time, you will not be kicked out. So you can safely sign up with them NOW!

      Thanks again.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for your query – FlexOffers’s standard payment term is 30 days, meaning any sales (commission) you’ve made by the end of January should be paid by the end of February. But if you’ve made a commission over $5,000 by the end of January, they’ll pay you on the 7th of the following month, i.e. 7th February.

      Like any other affiliate marketing networks (or any business) they’d have to have their credit control in place – they’d need to ensure they’ve received money from the advertiser before they could pay you.

      Most of other affiliate marketing networks’ payment terms are 60-90 days, so FlexOffers’ is still a lot quicker.

      I hope this explains – thanks for stopping by.

      1. My friend in November flexoffers commission should be paid by the end of December, but till today have not received the commission in November,do you received?

        1. Hi John,

          Sorry to hear that your friend hasn’t had his commission paid – I have sent a support ticket recently and they replied within 1 working day (sent a question on 1st January, and received an answer on Monday morning, 4th) so as far as my personal opinion is concerned, their communication team is excellent. So I suggest that your friend should contact them http://www.flexoffers.com/contact-us


  5. This is a great review.

    I’m always on the look out for good affiliate networks to join. Especially ones where you don’t have to have a specific number of page hits a month to join them. I’m in the UK which makes it a bit harder as there aren’t as many networks over here.

    Do you have to go through a telephone interview to join up?


    1. Hi Sammi, thanks for your comment. I’m from the UK too, and there are about 600 UK advertisers registered as well. And again over all sorts of category from retail to insurance, education, gyms…pets… Within the list of advertisers you can search by country. FlexOffers is based in Miami, Florida so of course fantastic for US market, but also to the UK.

      No there’s no telephone interview. My application was approved without any further questions within 1/2 day. So I would recommend it to you – there’s nothing to lose.


  6. Hi Ray
    I have never heard of this company, but it sounds exciting.

    I have started with a website and am new to affiliate marketing and think that this is certainly something I will consider joining.

    I am just worried about something though. If after a period of 90days, I don’t make any sales, will I be rejected from the membership of Flexoffers.


    1. Hi Roopesh,

      Thanks for your comments and also your concern. I have just sent a query to the support, so as soon as I receive an answer I’ll let you know.

      On their Terms & Condition, it says FlexOffers has a right to cancel your membership agreement if they see your website doesn’t fit, with 48 hours notice in advance. But in theory they should really wait much, much longer before you make your first sale. Because it is said that it usually takes average of 3 months before your first affiliate marketing sale starts to take off.

      I’ll give you an answer within a day or so. Thanks again,


    2. Hi Roopesh,

      Apology for the delay in getting back to you – the support team has come back to me to say they don’t have a minimum requirement on volume of any kind, so not to worry. That’s good, isn’t it?


  7. Hi, thanks for the interesting review on Flexoffers. I have my own niche website, and to be honest, I hadn’t heard of this affiliate company before now. I like all the options available and that it’s free! I will look into them a little further, thanks for bringing Flexoffers to my attention.

    1. Hi Stacey,

      Thanks for your comment, I hope you’ll like this affiliate network and give it a try. There really are so many advertisers which you can search by category. You’ll find something at least.

      Best Wishes,


  8. Hi Raymundo,

    This article has been really useful.

    I have never heard of flexoffers before but I like the fact that not only are they free to join, but they have great promotional displays, cause I am one of those people who find it really frustrating when an affiliate programme has no banners or website marketing tools.

    I am going to go ahead and join, and will let you know if I need any help getting started.

    Love and light.


    1. Hi Vivia, thanks for your comments, I have joined many advertisers programs here in FlexOffers and have had no problems, I hope you’ll find everything easy. Yes do let me know how you get on!

      Best Wishes,


  9. Hey this is pretty interesting. I never heard of flex offers before. The navigation through the site seems pretty easy I think I’ll get myself an account. There are so many different niches available I didn’t think there was a website like this. I appreciate the article and will check it out further. Thank you!

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for your comment, if you are in affiliate marketing business you’ll definitely find something there. Free to join, so give it a go!


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