FastPages vs Unbounce 2022 Features and Price Comparison

Updated: January 11, 2022
by Joe Garcia

FastPages or Unbounce, which one is right for you? In this article, I have taken a closer look at two of the most compelling landing page builders, compared the both tools to give you the lowdown on which fairs better in terms of features and price. Read on to know more!

FastPages vs Unbounce



FastPages is a landing page builder that promises lightning-fast loading time of the pages you create with them. We will discuss the features they promise such as ease of use, design and customization options, the available price-points etc. The goal here is to give you a better understanding of how FastPages works so that you can make the best decision possible.

FastPages is a web based drag and drop easy to use editor that helps you to create beautiful and high converting landing pages in just a few steps. They also have a one-click wordpress addon that is quite useful to connect your landing pages to your wordpress site.


Unbounce is one of the most popular landing page builders that helps you create high quality landing pages to turn your visitors into leads and customers. They have been around for quite a long time.

Unbounce also has a drag-and-drop builder which is very useful when you are making and publishing your very own landing page. With the drag-and-drop functionality you can do it yourself without the need for any developers. Another very impressive feature is the ability to get conversion intelligence insights and thus you can expand the intuition and the skills that you already have. This will make sure that your campaigns perform up to par everytime.

FastPages Features: 

FastPages Features

Themes and Templates

FastPages contains many pre-built templates that you can use to create your own customized landing pages quickly. There are about 36 themes and templates inside the builder that will no doubt suit whatever product or business it is that your business is offering. 

FastPages has pretty good reviews when it comes to the ease of customization with the pre-built templates or creating a page from scratch. The built-in features of FastPages take care of that without any problems. FastPages also offers a WordPress plugin. This will come in especially handy for those who want to publish their pages to their WordPress site, and it’s pretty easy to use.

Out Of The Box

If there is one thing that can be considered to be the most critical element in converting visitors into customers is the speed of the landing pages. People simply are impatient these days and any page that takes a long time to load will simply make the visitor go to a different site. This is such a critical factor that more than 25 percent of the conversion rate has the potential to drop because of this. 

The biggest selling point of FastPages is right there in its name. It makes the promise of being able to deliver faster load times. This platform will guarantee quicker loading times for your landing pages than any other competitors out there. If you just google some reviews about FastPages, you will quickly find that this claim of theirs is very legit. 


FastPages uses a high-speed hosting service to host their landing pages. You can use their hosting to host your landing pages. If you wish to use your own domain and hosting service, you can also configure that too. Here is a customer review about their hosting and speed on Capterra: 

“Desktop version of the page created by loading speed is fast, above average hosting. - Test at google page speed score 80+, loading time 1-2s - Test at score 80+, loading time 2s - Test at score 85+, loading time 1-2s Overall page speed test result is fast, my more expensive WordPress managed hosting normally score 60-70”

3rd Party Apps

FastPages supports MailChimp and ActiveCampaign natively, to connect with other email marketing services or softwares you have to use zapier integration. They are working on bringing in other native integrations soon. It should be a great addition if they can bring in Getresponse, ConvertKit, SendinBlue. If you are currently using other email marketing services you have to either switch to the natively supported platform or pay for zapier.

SEO and Mobility

FastPages SEO and Mobility

All of the pages you create with FastPages will be automatically mobile optimized. This is a great feature for new marketers and business owners. Some people want to do this manually because automated mobile-optimized pages don’t always work perfectly.

What I have seen so far is that their mobile optimization is pretty good. 

Other features from FastPages include: Create Quizzes, Checkouts, Build In Popups, Count down timers et. Check out all the features of FastPages here.

Unbounce Features:

Unbounce Features

100's of Templates & Themes

Unbounce gives you the opportunity to choose from around 100 built-in templates and it also lets you purchase up to 240 fully-customized templates. You can also build your pages using the drag-and-drop editor.

Lead Capture Pop-Ups & Sticky Bars

Pop-ups and sticky bars are used by almost all the brands out there nowadays, this allows brands to get more from their visitors, turn them into prospects and customers. These types of peek-a-boo promotions are able to give visitors timely promotions and also seasonal offers which can also be A/B tested. This will really help with converting traffic and if you are not utilizing popups and sticky bars then you are for sure missing out on a lot.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Dynamic text replacement (DTR) is a useful feature if you are running PPC ad campaigns. DTR will help you increase the relevancy of your landing pages for each individual visitor by matching the copy in your PPC ads to the copy on your Unbounce landing pages.

This will help you to increase your ad quality score.

3rd Party Integrations

The integration functionality of Unbounce has been divided into three categories. They are in-app, Zipper, or Webhooks. Using one of these three methods, you will likely be able to integrate whatever tool you are using with Unbounce.

They have more native integrations than Fast pages and you will get native support with email marketing softwares like Mailchimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, etc.

Customized URL

When you are not sending people to different domains, you are likely to retain conversion rates. Making sure your landing page is on a particular subdomain is essential in this regard. It is best to select a subdomain that represents the business/product in the best light possible.

Account Management

If you are an agency owner or you have a big team or you have multiple clients to manage you can create multiple users under the same account. 

You can give access like Admin, Author, or Viewer and set rules for each user according to your campaigns.

Check out all the features of Unbounce here.

Pricing (FastPages Vs Unbounce)

Pricing is definitely a very important thing that we ought to consider in our comparison of FastPages and Unbounce. Let’s talk about FastPages’ pricing options first. 

FirstPages has 2 monthly packages starting from $49/m (Professional package), $97/m (Enterprise package). They have 14 days of free trial that you can try out before paying them and cancel if you are not happy. 

They are currently running an interesting offer that will give you lifetime access to their services for a one-time payment of 197 USD. Normally the contents of the deal would amount to about 588 USD per year. So this is a very exciting offer that you may want to look into. 

Now, let us talk about the pricing of Unbounce. Unbounce has divided their pricing points into four different categories and they are as follows.

  • LAUNCH: If you a small business owner and are just getting started with the landing page and funnel creation. This option is priced at 64 USD per month.
  • OPTIMIZE: This is for you if you are ready to start the process of optimizing your pages and scale-up. This is priced at 96 USD per month
  • ACCELERATE: This is for you if your company or agency is growing rapidly and what you want is a little bit of extra juice. This is priced at 160 USD per month.
  • SCALE: The most expensive of all the price points, this is for you if your business happens to be scaling like crazy and you just need more volume in terms of traffic. This comes at a hefty price of 240 USD per month.


In conclusion, we would just like to say that both of these are pretty good platforms to consider. After comparing all the features and the different price points of the two, we would have to say that the lifetime FastPages deal is a lucrative offer considering their one-time payment. If you are a small or a mid-sized marketer/business owner I would prefer to go for FastPages and if you are already big and have no problem paying monthly bills, go for Unbounce.

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