Domain Heist Review – Quite Amazing, Actually.

Updated: January 8, 2021
by Ray Alexander

You know what, I'm pleased to be able to share my genuine opinion in this Domain Heist review today. The sales video is a total joke. You wouldn't - and shouldn't - possibly take a word of it seriously. Fake testimonials by the actors from Fiverr, trashy sob story narrated by a fake person, "Robin", less than 10 minutes of work each day... Another scam product targeted at get-rich-quick dreamers, I thought.

The only difference I noticed is that the Domain Heist sales video actually tells you that it's a training program and briefly explains what you learn from it. I decided to give it a try and was actually impressed - in fact, I was blown away by it. Why, WHY? Any affiliate marketing beginner can make good use of it! I wish I had it when I first started out, I would have learned so much in a matter of a few days, or within the first day. I'll show you what I find. Read on.

Domain Heist Review

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Domain Heist

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What Is Domain Heist?

Domain Heist is an affiliate marketing training program, consisting of some 70+ video tutorials. The training is about;

  • Affiliate marketing basics - which networks to use, finding niches.
  • All about SEO marketing incl. some "necessary gray hat SEO" techniques - buying expired domains, setting up a website, finding the best keywords, essential & secret backlinking methods.
  • Transcribing YouTube video and turning it into a blog post.
  • All about email marketing and the step-by-step.

When you imagine so many video clips for the price of $9, you may wonder if it's "quantity over quality". But no, the tutorials are spread over 11 sections across 3 stages/levels. Each and every video is a screen-recorded walkthrough and the tutor's explanations are comprehensive. You just follow the tutorials from top to bottom without skipping, with a pen and notebook if necessary, and you can come back to any of the videos at any time you want.

Domain Heist Review

Who Is The Tutor?

For whatever reason, the tutor never reveals his identity. But I find him very friendly, very helpful, and extremely easy to understand. Really!

Has It Been Released Previously?

Is it a rehashed version of a previously released tutorial? I don't know, but all I can witness is that the videos are current, all created in 2020, and each video is watermarked "Domain Heist", so this tutorial is original as far as I'm concerned.

What's Good About Domain Heist?

I kind of explained it all already, but I think Domain Heist is great for you if you are

  • new to making money online,
  • seriously willing to learn all the affiliate marketing techniques, and
  • on a budget. 

Because the tutorials are comprehensive and you'll get to learn a lot of vital tips for such a low cost. Plus, some worksheets are provided, which can be saved on your Google Docs and Google Sheets. All of these are very useful for you to reference as you build your affiliate marketing business. 

You will need to spend some money on tools though, along the way, just like we all do. But you'll be introduced to the most economical (or free) ways in the beginning, and some premium services such as email marketing tools later on.

The Contents

Here are the course contents.

1. Domain Heist Training

[1] Introduction

  1. Introduction (3.5 mins) - Domain Heist Overview; it's about buying an expired domain, finding affiliate products, finding a relevant YouTube video, transcribe it and create a blog post based on it.
  2. What is Affiliate Marketing? (10 mins)
  3. Demo Clickbank (11 mins)
  4. Demo Hosting (9 mins) - How to have your website hosted using Bluehost.
  5. Market Health and (CJ) Commission Junction (8.5 mins) - Advantages of promoting health niche, e.g. hair loss, acne, promoting affiliate products via CJ.
  6. Demo Market Health (8 mins)
  7. How to search for Affiliate Programs (12.5 mins) - several other affiliate networks, Awin, FlexOffers, Impact

[2] Niche Selection

  1. Niche Selection (17 mins) - How you choose the best niche (money, trends, or based on your specialty/knowledge)
  2. The Exercise (2.5 mins) - practical advice on how to narrow down your niche. Very good.
  3. Niching Down (9.5 mins) - Narrow down your niche to sub-niche and find the keywords.
  4. Niching Down with Google search and Keywordsfx (10.5 mins) - How to find the best long-tail keywords for your article using, Facebook posts, and YouTube ads.
  5. Niche Affiliate Selection (6.5 mins) - some affiliate product examples.

[3] Expired Domains

  1. Domain Types (7 mins) - Difference between an exact match domain, a partial match domain, and branded domain and advantages/disadvantages of each type.
  2. Expired domains (6 mins) - Advantage of buying and using expired domains.
  3. Buying Checklist (9 mins) - how to find expired domain step by step.
  4. Expired (11 mins) - How to use the site
  5. (10 mins) - How to use the site ( to find the best-expired domains.
  6. Spamzilla Walkthrough (9 mins) - Check the expired domain that you've chosen to make sure the domain is not blacklisted as spam.
  7. DEMO - Spamzilla (22 mins) - How to use Spamzilla step-by-step.

[4] Topic Clusters

  1. What are Topic Clusters (6.5 mins) - Creating a 'cluster' around your main niche keyword by building up related topics. The worksheets are included.
  2. Keyword Research for home and supporting pages (11 mins) - More keyword research tips using various free tools including
  3. DEMO - (5 mins) - How to use this tool step-by-step.
  4. DEMO - (6 mins) - How to use this tool step-by-step.
  5. Finding Videos (6 mins) - How to find top-ranking videos on YouTube that are related to your niche keywords.
  6. DEMO - Finding Videos (6.5 mins)
  7. DEMO - Transcribing with Rev (8 mins) - Download YouTube video and get a transcription using speech-to-text service Rev.
  8. Transcribing with Google Docs (3 mins) - While Rev is a paid service, you can transcribe a video using Google Docs for free using Google Docs.
  9. DEMO - Transcribing with Google Docs (3 mins) - Transcription walkthrough.

[5] Website Setup

  1. Website Setup Pt 1 (10 mins) - With a website setup worksheet and content optimization checklist.
  2. Dashboard and Initial Settings (21 mins) - How to use WordPress.
  3. Google Requirements (17.5 mins) - Setting up your theme, legal pages, About Us page, etc. on WordPress.
  4. Complete Optimization Overview and Child Pages (21 mins) - Perhaps the most important part, to optimize each of your pages to rank in Google.
  5. DEMO - Content Optimization (31 mins) - Step-by-step to get your pages ranked.
  6. Interlinking (7.5 mins) - About internal linking which is also important for SEO.
  7. FAQ - ATP - Quora (7.5 mins) - FAQ Schema, and Quora.
  8. Extras - Button Creation (4.5 mins) - How to create a CTA button using a couple of useful free tools.

2. Secret Methods

Domain Heist Course Contents

[6] Social SEO

  1. Secret of Social SEO (24 mins) - with two worksheets (social SEO document and article writer template)
  2. Secret of Social SEO Examples (7 mins) - How you can replicate top-ranking social sites (such as Medium, Google blog) and outrank them. Analyze each "winning" element of the content, copy the pattern and make it your own.
  3. Secret of Social SEO Process (17 mins)
  4. Craigslist Demo (7 mins) - How to hire someone to write a blog content for your site. Ad template that you can use and tips to find the best writers.

[7] Content Generation 5

  1. Social Long and Short (23 mins) - How to take your content and segment it into long and short social posts.
  2. DEMO - Social Long and short (7.5 mins)
  3. DEMO - Quotes/Tips (10 mins)
  4. Quora (10 mins)
  5. DEMO - Quora (8 mins)
  6. Google Sites (10 mins)
  7. DEMO - Google Sites (16 mins)
  8. Medium (9 mins)
  9. DEMO - Medium (17 mins)
  10. Pinterest (6 mins)
  11. DEMO - Pinterest (16.5 mins)
  12. Google Images (18 mins)
  13. DEMO - Google Images (10.5 mins)

[8] Easy Retargeting

  1. What is Retargeting (7.5 mins)
  2. DEMO - Set up Pixel (7.5 mins) - How to set up Facebook Pixel step-by-step.
  3. Facebook Pixel events - Custom Conversions (5.5 mins)
  4. DEMO - Pixel Events - Button URL (2.5 mins)
  5. DEMO Retargeting Ad Set up (14.5 mins) - two different ads to target different audiences (who took action and who didn't)

3. Domain Heist X

[9] Email Marketing

Domain Heist Email Marketing
  1. What is Email Marketing and Process Overview (12.5 mins) - with 3 worksheets to download (squeeze and bridge template, opening email sequence, and ethical bridge writer template)
  2. The Autoresponder (10.5 mins)
  3. DEMO - The Autoresponder (7 mins)
  4. Writing an email sequence (13.5 mins)
  5. DEMO - Email Sequence Setup (10.5 mins)
  6. Ethical Bribe (15.5 mins)
  7. DEMO - Ethical Bribe Creation (18 mins)
  8. DEMO - Intro To Squeeze Pages Thrive Installation and GetResponse Api (16 mins)
  9. DEMO - Squeeze Page Setup (11 mins)
  10. Bridge Page (6.5 mins)
  11. DEMO - Bridge Page (9.5 mins)
  12. What is a Quiz funnel (13 mins)
  13. Creating Your Quiz (15 mins)
  14. DEMO - Creating Your Quiz (17 mins)

[10] Facebook Marketing

  1. How Paid Ads work For You (9 mins) - with extra document "Ethical Bible" to download
  2. Facebook Ads Overview (6 mins)
  3. Facebook Page Creation (3 mins)
  4. The Campaign Types (5 mins)
  5. Creating Ads (18 mins)
  6. DEMO - Facebook Ads Library (4 mins)
  7. DEMO - Facebook Ad Graphic Creation (13 mins)
  8. DEMO - Facebook Lead Magnet Ads/Ethical Bribe (13 mins)
  9. DEMO - Quiz Graphics (3 mins)

[11] Backlink Building

What Are Backlinks
  1. What are backlinks? (9.5 mins)
  2. Social Profiles and Citations (11 mins)
  3. Social Signals (5 mins)
  4. Quora (8 mins) - Backlinking using Quora
  5. Web 2.0 (10.5 mins) - Ultimate gray-hat SEO techniques using authority blog sites.

What I Don't Like About Domain Heist

Fake profile. I personally wouldn't promote products to others incognito, trying to earn affiliate commissions "sneakily". Buying an expired domain that was once owned by someone else, stealing someone else's audio content on YouTube, transcribe it, and publish it so that it's not censored as copied content... Indeed, many affiliates choose this method to make money without revealing their identity. I guess that's okay for many, but the intention is short-term and you'll never build trust that way. 

I have quite a few social friends/followers with a hidden identity, which I have no problem with. But once they start to ask me for serious advice or try to sell something to me... Woah, please don't cross the line while you're staying fake. I'm only trying to be nice to you but how much do I trust you? None. Zero percent. If you think about it from a user's point of view like that, you'll understand it's important to "build trust" by showing your true self to make your affiliate business sustainable.

Scammy Sales Page but Great Product, What's The Catch?

For a one-time fee of $9, you can learn so much about affiliate marketing. How is the seller making money? I honestly don't know, and it's none of my business, but I can only speculate by sharing my view on the "affiliate-marketing-training market".

There are certainly hundreds of affiliate marketing training programs, if not thousands. The tutors all try to come up with different approaches and unique teaching methods but it's only affiliate marketing, the basics don't change.

Some tutors charge thousands of dollars, but not necessarily great. Some training programs are available at a low cost but you get what you pay for. While some great tutors offer their entire modules for free (they make money by selling something else).

People who seriously want to start an affiliate business know that they don't have to pay a lot to learn it. In other words, the training market is saturated and the tutors all struggle to sell their courses. Perhaps that's why some of them are having to target a new audience - lazy, get-rich-quick dreamers. And perhaps that's the reason they make such a silly sales video, totally misrepresenting such a decent training program like Domain Heist.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're still not happy with the training video, you are covered by ClickBank's 60-day money back guarantee. You can contact the admin support via your email receipt and tell them your reason to claim a refund.

Domain Heist Pros and Cons


  • You'll learn all about affiliate marketing for a low, one-off fee.
  • Access to the training platform indefinitely.
  • Helpful. Extremely easy to follow and understand.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Scammy sales video with fake testimonials, false information about the product.
  • The tutor is unknown.

Domain Heist Review - Conclusion:

I hope you understand why I recommend Domain Heist, but you must ignore anything that's being said in the sales video - you won't get thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks with "less than 10 minutes of work" as it claims. But the actual product will definitely get you on track.

The bad news is, in order to get Domain Heist, you'll have to watch the video for several minutes until the "buy now" button pops up underneath the video. So you'll have to be a little patient.

And I suggest that you go through all the videos, that's how long it takes to learn all about affiliate marketing and, even after you get it all started, you'll be learning through trials and errors to make your work-from-home business a success.

About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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    1. Hi Daniel, as I explained in the post, yes the sales page is extremely misleading and scammy, there is no such thing as a secret loophole. The actual product is an affiliate marketing course, current, useful and worth paying money for if you want to learn. That’s my opinion as a reviewer.

  1. I love your blogs and I have been following them for some time now but can you tell me sir, if I buy domain heist how long does it take for me before I can make my first money?

    1. Hi Iaskio, thanks for your comment. As I explained in the post, Domain Heist is a set of great training videos. How long it takes depends on (1) how exactly you follow (2) your niche, and (3) how often you update your site (publish blog posts). It’s hard to say. If you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to ask. I wish you all the best! ??

  2. Great article and I love your site because it is useful. After I was scammed a few times I nearly lost hope but it was good to receive some new ideas after reading this article that I know Domain Heist is not a scam. It is useful and a lot of new things and getting a lot. Thanks.

  3. Good article. First, I must congratulate you for taking the courage to buy it in spite of the scam sales copy, well done. Second, it’s a good trend that affiliate marketing training has become cheaper as I can still see overpriced training bundles like some of them are half- affiliate marketing, half- Amazon FBA, they only confuse the students. Simple video training is needed for people genuinely make their new internet career a success. From what you say, DomainHeist sounds like one of the best. Thanks

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes, like you say, it’s no longer worth spending a lot of money on affiliate marketing training as it’s not like secret, innovative methods pop up every now and again. I do believe Domain Heist will help affiliate newcomers learn how to make money via their website and SEO. Thanks for sharing your thuoghts.

  4. What is this, is it too difficult for me? Without knowing anything yet
    I want to get a job in affiliate marketing. But I don’t want to be silly and I don’t want to rely too much on people. I think this is the best because I stay at home, but I need to study English first.
    Do you think you can do it as it is? Or do you need help from others? what would you do?
    How successful are you? I don’t know anything about the domain. But you can pay as much as you want. please tell me.

    1. Hi Li, thanks for your comment. Domain Heist is an almost video-only training, so if you don’t understand spoken English much you may struggle to understand it. Though the videos are all on YouTube (unlisted) so you can listen to it at a slow speed. Good luck!

  5. Hey mate, awesome review. I thought the beginning part was not necessary for me as I already know affiliate marketing but from the intermediate~advance level training is very much needed. What lacks is maybe the growthhacking strategy to make the affiliate marketing continuously scale up for many years to come. 2020 was a pivotal year & everyone started to work from home. I am more interested in making long term plans.

    1. Hi Syed, thanks for your comment. While I do agree with you on planning a long-term, sustainable strategy, marketing methods and trends change over time. There is no one training program that can be useful for the next decade. Domain Heist is current, so at least affiliate marketing beginners can gain good skills from it.

    1. Hi Serena, I never said Domain Heist is a scam. If you’re talking about product reviews in general…it’s all up to you to trust the reviewers. It’s important for you to make your own decision before making any payment. Also check the refund policy carefully – you’re guaranteed safe when making a payment via ClickBank though. Good luck!

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