Does Cashback Work? – TopCashBack Review

By Ray Alexander

Does cashback work, really? My online marketing expert friend Jason has recently told me about this scheme. Easy and straight-forward to create an account, free membership and no spam. I knew right away it was a cashback that actually works. Today I’d love to share this great moneysaving tip with you.

Does Cashback Work? Yes This One Does!

Does Cashback WorkTopCashback really is a top cashback site. How much cashback do you normally receive from online shopping? I have a credit card that gives me 1% cashback. Every $100 I spend I receive $1.

But look at TopCashback – depending on the promotion but you could receive 30% or more. You spend $100 and get $30 back, that’s pretty amazing, don’t you think?

Well, to be perfectly honest you don’t see many giving you big %’s, but there are many 10-15%’s, many lump sum cashbacks.

TopCashBack – How Does It Work?

Registration couldn’t be easier;

  1. Create an account by filling in your email address & password
  2. You’ll receive an email which you click to confirm registration
  3. Upon registration, I’ve received a bonus of GBP £5 Amazon gift certificate. You’ll receive something equivalent from US site…around USD $8? Well, register now and let me know!

Does Cashback Work

So, once you’ve logged in;

  1. BROWSE – Choose where you’d like to shop.
  2. SHOP – Click through the store you’ve chosen and shop just as usual.
  3. EARN CASHBACK – those stores pay TopCashback commission. And TopCashback will give all that commission to you! In your “Account” screen, you can monitor how much you’ve earned so far.

What Kind Of Shops Are There?

Shop category

It’s safe to say “any categories & high-street shops you can think of” – weekly grocery superstores, computers, home appliances, photography, airline, hotel, cruise, insurances, loans, diet & nutrition, cosmetics…fashion & jewellery… See what’s available from the link below!

So How Does TopCashback Make Money?

The site is supported by the adverts and sponsored links. Also the merchants and their tracking agencies pay them bonuses, for instance if they drive a particularly high volume of traffic to their website.

How Does TopCashback Pay Me?

They can transfer your cashback either into your PayPal, direct deposit into your account, American Express Reward card or by Amazon gift card. Plus the UK site offers a LOT more payment methods by various store gift card options.

You can request a payout anytime, and with a few excepted stores, there’s no minimum payment threshold – you can have your money into your account as low as $1. Normally within a few days, but can take longer.

TopCashback In Numbers

Does Cashback Work

member-demographicsQuite impressive, isn’t it? TopCashback is global – available to US, UK, India and China, i.e. 1/4 of people across the globe.

Members are 51% Female, 49% Male, Average cashback earned is $502 per member per year.

Referral Bonus!

Convinced? Then make sure you create your account from one of the links below – because by referring to you and when you’ve earned $10 cashback, I’ll receive a one-off $10 cashback too! So don’t forget to spread the word so that YOU will receive cashbacks also!

US Site:

UK Site:

Once you’ve become a member, you’ll have your own referral link. There’s also a facility you can send invitations to as many friends of yours as you like – to receive $10 per friend.

No spam, and TopCashback promises it will never give away your email address, it’s 100% secure.

I hope you like it. Now start spending & earning money from today!


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Ray Alexander

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  1. Hi, Very interesting post.this is my first time visit here. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles and as I have read your other articles I feel that your site helps many new bloggers like me.
    Thanks for sharing such good articles.

  2. Top cash back very informative article for me. Amazing post contains great information, we can save a lot money using coupons and cashback websites because we have to shop whole life to fulfill daily day needs and by shopping with cashback or reward sites we can save huge amount. Well, I also have a plan to create new affiliate website such as coupons and cashback website and looking for solution that can be used easily and without having deep development skills. I have read a lot of articles to find out best solution and found revglue and there solution to build coupons and cashback websites looking very easy to use, how to create coupons and cashback websites with revglue can be found at revglue(.)com/bespoke they are providing cashback, coupons cms templates and API and offering free wordpress plugin with as well, but I am confused while working with this platform because i don’t have working experience with this company. If anyone have working experience with this affiliate platform please share.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Jack, thanks for the information on Revglue. I just had a look and found it very hard to understand who their target audience is. Affiliates and are two different things, and Revglue doesn’t seem to explain the link between the two. Their homepage to start with – there’s a section for “affiliates”, and there’s a section for “publishers” (including bloggers – who are not affiliates?), very confusing. Good luck to their future development though!

  3. TopCashBack seems like a very interesting affiliate program! I like that in addition to a commission based earnings, there is a referral based option as well! You do a really great job at explaining this program and why people would be interesting in joining it. Great job with your article. Keep up the great work!!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes a referral options – I hope you’ll join and spread the word. Everyone shops and everyone wants discount, right? Well most of us. I’ve decided to introduce TopCashBack since this site is not only about making money but saving money. Great opportunity, give it a try!

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