Big Data for Business Startups: How to Get Started

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Starting a new business in the digital world could become a great challenge. The enormous amount of available information is rather a weakness than strength nowadays.

It's getting harder for startups to set up the right goals, devise strategy, values, and identify the target audience. So if you wish to make your future business efficient and successful nowadays, you have to choose an appropriate big data management.

Big Data for Business Startups: How to Get Started

What Is Big Data?

Big data could be defined as a considerable amount of information, which keeps growing. One of the main features is that it is very complicated and extensive. None of the traditional management tools could be applied to collect, store, and use such info efficiently.

The importance of information is not in the amount you have but the way you use it to increase your business efficiency. Moreover, it could be taken out of any sources or channels.

The appropriate big data analysis helps in predicting customers' behavior and interests, establishing proper targeting, assessing potential risks, and optimizing operating workflow.

Let's look at the examples.

Education Industry

Online educational platforms have required powerful tools to manage operational effectiveness and digital apps. So a lot of educational websites have customized learning programs for students.

Some implemented career prediction and graded courses according to academic levels. These and other updates were completed thanks to appropriate analysis and visualization of students' information.

Others, like an educational portal, EssayPro, devised customized essay writing options. As a result, any learner using their services can find a solution for academic assignments on any topic, subject, and education level.

Social Media

Today people can access social media from any gadget. It has become an essential part of the lives of many. Influential companies have started building their business online.

However, with billions of network users, it's a complicated issue to conduct analytics and visualize big data.

Instagram is the most common entertainment source. Based on the latest statistics, it has more than 111 million active users in the US alone. However, they've managed to build an efficient big data analysis and now provide users with suggestions based on their subscriptions and preferences.

How to Use Big Data for Startups?

Big Data for Startups

If you are planning to start a new business in the nearest future, you have to determine all cases of failures that may take place in the industry.

There are a few steps to follow in order to get benefits from big data volumes.


First, identify possible ways you can use to get, store, use, share, and manage big data within and outside your company. An efficient strategy allows determining future goals and levels of success.

Big Data Sources

The key strength is not the level of big data but its quality. That depends on the channels where your organization gets information. Consider the Internet of Things, social media, and public channels as the primary sources. But don't try to accumulate everything at once as you may get lost in the enormous amount of info.

Collect, Store and Manage 

Modern technologies and software solutions allow getting access to information in a fast and simple way. Along with the storage of massive amounts of info, your business requires an appropriate control and management system for further analysis.

A lot of organizations use clouds to collect information about customers or suppliers. This way company may access the required info anywhere anytime and build a smooth and efficient workflow in- and outside the entity. 


One of the most important steps in every business development is in-depth and detailed information analysis and visualization. In big data management, traditional analytical tools are ineffective and useless.

The startups could use Zoho Analytics, Microsoft Power BI, or SAS services for information investigation. In case the organization has experience in the marked and qualified analytics under the roof, it can turn to in-memory analytics or other advanced approaches for analysis and visualization of the available information.

On the Last Note: Decision-Making

To be on top of the competition, the company has to use the available amount of data efficiently and make appropriate decisions.

Well-managed enormous info is of critical value to every organization as it leads to future success and improvement. Data-driven companies perform better and are more profitable than competitors.

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