Best Advice For Startups To Unlock Remote Worker Productivity

Updated: January 16, 2023
by Jess Adeola

The remote model makes a viable choice for startups because it saves time, money, and infrastructure. You can hire people to work from home and give them the flexibility and freedom they expect. Conversely, managing people working from diverse locations may be tricky as you do not know employees well. Further, challenges like a lack of team bonding and camaraderie may disrupt your growth. However, you can overcome these challenges and make the most of the remote model to give your startup a great beginning. Here are the best advice entrepreneurs can follow to unlock remote productivity.

Best Advice For Startups To Unlock Remote Worker Productivity

Spot and hire the best talent

This one is a no-brainer for businesses, even more for startups looking to run remotely. You must look for people with relevant soft skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership. Hard skills are equally crucial because people working from home require some understanding of technology to deal with daily glitches and challenges. You can start small, but get the best employees on board, even if they cost a little more than your expectations.

Be flexible 

Flexibility is a startup trait that attracts professionals looking to work in organizations with liberal cultures. Maximizing remote worker productivity is about empowering them with flexibility. The best way to achieve the goal is by following tasks rather than activities. Let people work at their pace instead of micromanaging them. You shouldn’t bother as long as they complete tasks on time and with quality.

Invest in the right tools

People working from out of the office require some tools to communicate and collaborate effectively. Investing in reliable remote work software sets your startup up for success. Look for one that enables employees to access files and resources from their locations. Features like secure collaboration, multi-user management, unlimited concurrent connections, and remote printing are plus points to look for in the software solution.

Implement a viable process

Another tip to maximize the productivity of your remote workers is to implement a viable process. Set realistic goals and milestones for your team, establish clear expectations, and set up a process for everyone to follow. Also, ensure daily reporting so that you can assess the productivity of individual employees. Document a process and share it with everyone to keep them on the same page.

Support your staff

Support your staff

Although working from home has its upsides, workers often encounter several challenges that may affect their productivity. Several factors may affect your workforce, from technical glitches to distractions at home and a feeling of isolation. Consider supporting them with effective solutions to these issues. For example, you can provide them with technical support, fund them for setting up dedicated workspaces at home and host virtual team bonding sessions. Also, incentivize them for good work and train them to give their best.

Workforce productivity should not be a daunting challenge for remote startups. You only need to follow the basics to help your team members give their best, regardless of their location. Follow these tips to build a productive team and a successful startup.

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