Amazing Selling Machine Review 2023 (ASM13) – Is It a Scam or Worth It?

Updated: January 3, 2023
by Jack Stan

Is Amazon Marketplace a viable way for you to sell popular products? Would you like to know how to succeed? Anything will be possible if you take the right training course and have the right mentor to teach you all the steps. My Amazing Selling Machine Review might help you understand how this program can be used to survive the notoriously fierce e-commerce competition.

The program doesn’t come exactly cheap. But whether to self-teach to make small earnings to test your skills, or pay for decent training to work straight on establishing your brand and aiming for big bucks right from the start… The decision will be yours.

Amazing Selling Machine Review

Product Name:

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM13)

Website URL:


Amazon FBA (e-commerce learning)


Matt Clark


$4,997 (one-off) or 6 installments x $997


What is the Amazing Selling Machine?

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) has been one of the most popular Amazon FBA training and mentorship programs. You’ll get to learn how to find the best-selling products, purchase them from a wholesaler and sell them on Amazon at a good profit. Amazon is without a doubt, the most popular eCommerce site, therefore it’s also very competitive. To tackle that problem, you’ll learn how to build your own brand to stay at the top of the game without compromising the price. 

ASM was created in 2012 and since then, new courses and resources have been added each year. The most up-to-date program as of 2021 is the 13th version (ASM13).

The package includes;

  • 8-module training course
  • Private coaching program
  • Private community
  • All the necessary tools and resource templates. 
Amazing Selling Machine Review

From ASM, you will particularly learn;

  • The secret to getting into Amazon's multi-billion dollar marketplace and starting a business with 7-figures you can run from home.
  • The 5-step process of starting, building, and scaling up your own brand.
  • Why Amazon is the simplest, fastest, and most accessible platform to use for building wealth in the long run.
  • Based on the data that reveals what people are searching for, you can find the perfect product to sell despite almost NO competition.
  • The top three deadly mistakes to avoid when selecting products that sabotage your sales, and how to avoid them.

The Creators

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback

Matt Clark (L) and Jason Katzenback (R)

Amazing Selling Machine was co-founded in 2012 by two entrepreneurs, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. Prior to that, Matt was already an e-commerce expert and Jason was a successful CEO for a marketing company. There are dozens of interviews you can find by searching Google, including The privately-owned company is located in Austin, TX.

Jason seems to have parted from the company recently (according to LinkedIn) but Matt is now taking control with other e-commerce fame, Mike McClary and Rich Henderson. has its own YouTube channel, and Matt also regularly provides good e-commerce tutorials on the podcast.

The Training Course

The course starts with the Welcome Module, followed by 8 modules, consisting of over 120 video tutorials in total. 

  • Welcome Module - Introduction to the dashboard and the community. You’ll learn success principles to help you build your own online store. You’ll also be guided through Amazon Seller Central.
  • Module 1: Finding the Perfect Product - All about researching best-selling products, deciding which product categories to research, which ones to avoid, deciding what and how to patent for branding purposes.
  • Module 2: Evaluating Suppliers and Samples - Finding high-quality products at reasonable prices requires you to find the right suppliers. How to calculate profit margins, how to approach suppliers, and order samples. 
  • Module 3: Ordering Inventory and Creating Your Brand - Your business action begins now that you have completed the preparation phase. You will learn how to evaluate and order products, order inventory, how to build a brand, and design your product packaging. How to create listings that sell.
  • Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets - The module is all about how to establish a brand. How to build a list of leads, create your website, Facebook page, and also create product reviews.
  • Module 5: The Perfect Product Page - No matter how good the quality of a product is, if your page is not made attractive, you’ll be missing a huge sales opportunity. You will learn the perfect way to sell each product. This includes the perfect titles for SEO purposes, descriptions, images, emails, and pricing.
  • Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch - This module will guide you through the launch process. Such as how to plan, optimize your launch campaigns, gather product reviews, profit-making pricing methods, and how to avoid the risk when you run out of inventory. You will learn good analytical skills.
  • Module 7: Advanced Traffic and Marketing Tools - By this point, you’ll be selling a good amount of profits, but there are still a lot of tips for advanced levels that you should know of. It includes how to optimize ads and run campaigns the best way without wasting time, split testing, how to analyze traffic for more conversions.
  • Module 8: Taking Your Business to the Next Level - You will learn more advanced techniques such as Facebook and Instagram marketing, Google and YouTube, as well as working with influencers to make your brand a 6-7 figure profit maker.

There are over 120 videos in total, and you are supposed to go through one module per week, i.e. 8 weeks in total to complete. But because all the videos are extremely comprehensive and if there’s any part that you don’t understand, you can ask your mentor or the community, you could complete it as quickly as you ever do. (Or as slowly if you wish.)

Amazing Selling Machine Income Provision

The ASM Mentorship Program

The ASM Mentor Program is comprised of a team of top Amazon sellers who want to provide you with advice and support on starting your own store. All the advice you receive from the mentors is fully tested and up-to-date, and you can ask them any time of the day. 

What you really want to hear is how to run your Amazon FBA store successfully and maximize your profits. It is possible to find some information and techniques on countless other websites, but these are usually only generally accepted ways to accomplish certain tasks. You can get secret tips from sellers who actually make a substantial income. This membership program is beneficial because it will save you time and allows you to avoid guessing games.

The Private Community

The Amazing Selling Machine community is one of the most useful FBA communities because all the members have paid to solve any potential problems that may arise when running an online store. They are all like-minded, serious entrepreneurs. It means that you won’t have to be made to believe some time-wasting answers. The chances are that someone has already come up with or solved the challenge you're going through. And you’ll also be highly motivated by others.

The Private Resource Vault

ASM Product Launch Tool

Here, you can find all the necessary tools and resources that not many other Amazon store users know of. These resources have been personally used by the mentors so they’re already proven to make your success quickly. The resources include;

  • Supplier templates
  • Recommended shipping companies
  • Product evaluation templates
  • Photographers
  • Discounts on Amazon tools

These resources are not available anywhere else, and new information will always be added and the templates will be updated, so you’ll be able to see how valuable they are.

Pricing - Free Lifetime Updates

The Amazing Selling Machine is sold for a one-off fee of $4,997, or 6 monthly installments of $997. No further discount is offered right now. No seasonal discount is offered, as far as I know.

The price includes lifetime updates. The situation may change in the future, for example, Amazon FBA's rule changes. Whatever happens, you will never be misled by outdated information

Is Amazon Selling Machine Too Expensive?

Due to the unique nature of each training/mentoring program, fees can often be very subjective. Many students look up tutors by name and think of them as brands. To put it another way, it depends on whom you want to learn it from. Particularly this is not just a bunch of video tutorials, but it includes coaching. For following reasons, I don’t think the price of just under $5,000 is expensive but I think it’s very reasonable.

  • ASM has been around since 2012. The technique is based on solid, proven principles over the past decade.
  • There are some other cheaper Amazon FBA training programs such as Marketplace Superheroes, but ASM provides more volume, more resources and more expert tips, therefore it’s far better quality.
  • It’s not a hybrid online business training (e.g. mixture of affiliate marketing, selling stuff on eBay, investments, etc.) It’s purely focused on Amazon FBA. The program is therefore highly specialized.
  • It’s not about making a few dollars, but it’s training you to become a big-brand seller, earning 5, 6, or even 7 figures each year. The return on investment can be huge.
ASM Half a million dollar business

The hardworking entrepreneur Matt Clark continuously teaches his extensive knowledge and skills to students. It means he must gather an unfathomable amount of information from the e-commerce industry, trends, and by networking with high-profile entrepreneurs (such as Sir Richard Branson). The ASM fee is well-deserved, and it is worth paying it if you want to build a credible and successful e-commerce business.

Is Amazing Selling Machine a Scam?

Of course not. It’s been around for more than a decade. No service or product would last this long if it was operating a shady business in any way. 

I have seen some negative reviews of ASM elsewhere, criticizing that the founders’ previous profile lacks credibility, or the fee is too expensive. Nevertheless, the profile has nothing to do with the vast amount of value in the content, and the fee is based on it.

If you check the Facebook page, it has over 130k followers and you’ll find many success stories posted by the students. Amazing Selling Machine is without a doubt, a good, legit training program.

Money-Back Guarantee and Success Agreement

ASM is not exactly cheap, and you need good assurance that the package is worth investing in. The good news is, if you decide ASM is not for you, you can contact support within the first 30 days, you will get your full investment back.

Although there should be sufficient time to go through the materials, take some training and speak to your mentors and the community members before you make the final decision, there’s more. Providing you take all the exact steps and if you still don’t make money by month 6, you’ll still be able to claim a refund, plus ASM will reimburse you for your unsold inventory up to $7,500.

Therefore, this policy provides comprehensive coverage and even if you expect to pay a high premium initially, you know you won’t lose money.

Amazing Selling Machine Pros and Cons


  • Great value as a coaching/mentorship program.
  • ASM has been providing quality, trustworthy training for many years.
  • Full of immediately implementable tips.
  • Tips to get ranked #1 on Amazon Marketplace.
  • All the necessary resources are provided.
  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • Good money-back guarantee policies.


  • Not affordable for everybody.
  • May not be for you if you're not keen on learning through communications with others.
  • You'll have to be self-motivated.
  • It's an Amazon FBA business. You'll have to have some money to buy stock (in case you don't know!)

Amazing Selling Machine Review - Conclusion:

The Amazing Selling Machine is one of the most successful Amazon FBA course programs. A unique combination of information, training, mentorship, and direct coaching is offered by successful e-commerce experts with many years of experience. Also with the best community, this is a program that helps build a successful brand for your online store.

About the author 

Jack Stan

Online Marketing Career Consultant. Network marketing and web developing since 2009, helping people quit daytime job and earn enough money and freedom. Keen swimmer, horse-rider, cake-baker, a little bit of OCD.

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  1. You deserve a pat on the back Matt for going on the 13th series for almost 10 years now. Even though the course isn’t for everyone due to its high price and selling on Amazon isn’t something special anymore, I know it is irreplaceable when compared to some of the new courses out there. Your dedication & innovative teaching style are truly inspirational for many of us. As a small gesture of appreciation for all your efforts, I keep contributing my dues.

  2. According to a few people I’ve emailed, Amazing Selling Machine is absolutely amazing. I appreciate your review and I can see your points. However, I do not see any benefit for myself. There’s no doubt that it’s a legit program, but just look at the price! Who can afford to pay that much for learning skills? Do I have a problem? Every day, a lot of people lose their jobs. Using savings for education is not the best idea at the moment.

    1. Hi, Connor. Thank you for your opinion. You may or may not be able to afford it depending on how much money you have at the moment. My only advice would be to never borrow money to pay for online tutorials. You’ll be taking too many risks unless you’re absolutely determined to turn your life around. If you still want to learn, there are a lot of cheap training courses out there.

  3. Thank you for your Amazing Selling Machine review. It is only necessary that you will need additional funds to purchase stocks and market your new product. After a product is live on Amazon, it may take a while before it starts receiving returns. The system is comprehensive and all in one place, which I like. I’m kept culpable and have all my questions answered by community support. It’s great that key tools like Jungle Scout have discounts.

    As long as you can get your money back within 30 days and take advantage of the Success Promise, you can purchase the course effectively without any risk. You do not have to have business experience to purchase the course. All the positive reasons are here. When you have the money, I recommend that you invest in ASM 13 because it grants you the highest possibility of financial freedom and success. Good job done.

  4. If it weren’t for them, their training & guidance, I would have nearly quit a few times. Amazon Seller Central was created for those selling on Amazon. The Mentors in the ASM won’t take advantage of you or lead you astray, but the training and support you will receive from them will be unparalleled. Anybody from all walks of life, regardless of their experience (or lack thereof), can succeed with an ASM , no matter how long they have been in business or whether they are just starting out. The content will take a great deal of time to digest, so you’ll need to put what you learn into action. It will pay off, a great reward will be waiting. Thanks.

  5. I understand the importance of some training programs, but their costs are too high for me. Do people really get the results they pay for when they spend so much?

  6. Hi Jack, I read your review with great interest and I’m so intrigued. I knew what Amazon FBA was but I didn’t know how it would work exactly. There’s no doubt that anyone, from a complete novice to an advanced ecommerce owner, can benefit from this course? It’s a lot of money to spend on a training course, but I agree with you on all the 4 points you mentioned. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for and if you want to learn something properly, you need to pay a proper fee.

    At least to me, knowing that such an excellent program exists makes me think there will be an option as I already have my own business but if it fails one day. Thank you Jack, it’s a great post. Clair

  7. Hi Jack, thanks for the great review. A few years ago I learned about Amazing Selling Machine, but I thought it was too expensive for anyone to afford training. However, I understand your viewpoint now. I was Googling what Amazon FBA was about the other day, and found too many low quality articles that didn’t explain it clearly. You are right, it is better pay a decent price and learn all the advanced techniques rather than spend so much time learning nothing. It would still be a lot for me to pay, but for anyone who wants to succeed in ecommerce, it’s definitely worth the price. My sincere thanks go to you.

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