5 Skills That Are Highly in Demand in 2020

By Jack Stan

It’s an understatement to say that the economy is uncertain at the moment. Many people are working in industries that may soon be shedding jobs, which may mean they either need to look for a new role or retrain for something else. When times are tough, your best bet is to learn in-demand skills, as this means you can go for jobs with less competition. Here are some of the skills that employers are looking for in 2020.

5 Skills That Are Highly in Demand in 2020

1. Blockchain

You will no doubt have heard of the blockchain in the context of Bitcoins, the digital currency. The blockchain is basically a type of decentralized ledger, which holds all the details of Bitcoin transactions, making the transactions more secure. However, blockchain technology could potentially have a lot of other uses, such as storing highly sensitive data like medical records, and it’s currently being integrated into many different industries. The problem is, there’s a shortage of IT professionals who understand the blockchain and how it works, meaning that blockchain developers and engineers are currently getting plenty of tempting job offers. 

2. Cloud Computing

Even if you don’t understand what cloud computing is, you are likely to use it regularly. Whether it’s saving photos from your phone onto iCloud, or saving files for work on a remote server, cloud computing is basically the process of uploading and downloading files over the internet, rather than using a physical device like a hard drive. There are many unfilled roles for cloud computing security specialists, who work on keeping your files secure, as well as engineers who build and maintain cloud computing systems.

3. Data Science and Analytics

Data Science and Analytics

In recent years, people’s constant usage of the internet and smartphones for their daily needs has meant that there are vast amounts of data out there that could be used for marketing, customer service, and product development, among other things. Click here to find out more about why these skills are so heavily in demand at the moment, and why so many different industries are now hiring data scientists and analysts.

Gain a qualification in data science, and you’ll find yourself highly in-demand by employers. In 2019, there were about 151,000 data science jobs available in the USA, many of them focused in big cities, with salaries heading into six figures.

Some of the jobs you can do with a data science qualification include:

  • Data analysts – these specialists extract data from huge files and then analyze the results, reporting their findings to the business
  • Data engineers/scientists – usually working in a fledgling or growing business, people in these roles set up data infrastructure so that analysis can be carried out
  • Machine learning – companies that process vast amounts of data or run a data-based service may need to hire experts in machine learning, one of the more complex specialisms in data science

4. Video Production

Content is hugely essential for websites and social media, and video is increasingly becoming part of businesses’ content and marketing strategies. Many companies also create content for platforms such as YouTube, meaning they need to make short, engaging videos that can be turned around on tight deadlines. However, there is a real shortage of people who have video production skills, from filming to editing, so if you want a creative career that’s highly in demand, this may be an area in which to train.

5. UX Design

UX Design

UX designers use a wide range of techniques to create products and services that are user friendly, from websites and apps to physical products. Their aim is to make user processes as simple and straightforward as possible, for example, ensuring there are minimal steps in a website’s checkout process so that customers are more likely to make a purchase. UX designers need a lot of specialist skills, from psychology to tech, so it’s a complicated job, which may be why these professionals are so in demand. While learning this skill can be tough, it’s a rewarding career. After a few years of experience, UX designers can earn six-figure salaries, and they’re unlikely to be out of work. 

With so much uncertainty in the job market, if you’re thinking of retraining or upskilling, you should choose skills that you know will be in demand. It’s worth doing some research and finding out which industries have the most vacancies, and what kind of skills they’ll be looking for. Learning rare skills will give you a more extensive choice of jobs to apply for and could be a great way to take your career to the next level. 

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