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Do I Need VPN?

Do I need VPN?

Do I need VPN? Why should I get it? VPN – a virtual private network – is an application program that allows you to maintain confidentiality by changing or masking the location from which you are accessing the internet, which in the digital world; is called your device’s IP (Internet Protocol) address.What VPN Can Do […]

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5 Effective Techniques to Increase Productivity for Freelancers

Increase Productivity

What is productivity? Let’s start with answering this important question. Productivity means effectively completing tasks. Therefore, it entails efficacy and completion. This means a goal-orientated activity, that is, accomplishing tasks, with a method that can focus, prioritise, and get things done. Hence the entanglement of the word “productivity” with focusing, prioritisation, time management, and fending […]

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